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I made a tragic mistake, using a mobile dent repair

I am a new owner (2 months), and parked my car on the street one evening while at dinner. sure enough, I was hit somehow.

the next day charging my car at the Laurel SuperCharging station. I saw a mobile dent repair ad and decided to call. Long story short he convinced me he could fix my minor dent and repaint for a $700.00 smh...
He did not complete the work, claiming the color would not work so I only paid $500.00

I went to a certified Tesla body shop..and guess how much they estimated for my repair? $8,000.00. :P

if anyone who can recommend a body paint shop in the DMV that could fix for a better price please let me know.




  • Try Kenwood (if you're in or new Montgomery County Md):

    19310 Woodfield Road
    Gaithersburg, MD 20879.

    They repaired my front bumper after I badly scraped it. Work was good and price was reasonable.

    Good luck.
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    new = near
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    Agreed — Kenwood is the only Tesla certified body shop in the area. If the dent is minor PDRs are preferable, but anything deep or if repainting is needed go to Kenwood.
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