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Tesla App Connection Issue

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I've had my Tesla app for several years, and it's always worked great. Suddenly, after moving back from Florida to Ohio (I'm a snowbird), I cannot connect to my WiFi at home. It's always worked fine in both locations. When I load it on my Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx, the little round wheel goes round and round and finally gives me a message "Vehicle Connection Error." Recently, I had a new Spectrum modem and router installed at home, but all my other WiFi devices are able to find the WiFi network and work fine. How do I get the Tesla app to find the WiFi network? I even uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, but nada!


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    The Tesla app uses a cellular connection to a Tesla server in CA. If you have WiFi data enabled in your phone it may use that path but there is no way to force it to happen in the app.

    The same is true in the car. Initial connections are made over AT&T cellular. If the car is properly configured for your WiFi network it usually can switch to WiFi once contact has been established.

    When the car is sleeping it is disconnected from your WiFi network.
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    Thank you, Murphy. Your explanation makes sense. It also explains why I cannot track where my car is at any given moment when it is being hauled by truck from Florida to Ohio (i.e., the car is asleep). This morning, the app is working now. Thanks again.
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    There are a number of reasons why your WiFi connection might not be working — see this article for help:

    The app uses WiFi to connect to the Tesla server if available, otherwise it uses cellular. My Model S remains connected to WiFi even when it’s sleeping, but my wife’s Model 3 disconnects when sleeping.

    If everything is working, you should be able to connect to the car even when it’s sleeping as long as it has either cellular or WiFi service.
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    Hey, EV-Rider! Thanks a million for the teslatap link. After following the instructions, I was easily able to connect to my WiFi at home. What it was doing was trying to connect to my WiFi router in Florida instead of Ohio. Once I set it for my Ohio home's router, all is good now. I guess I'll have to re-do this each time I go to Florida for 6 months and Ohio for 6 months from now on to get my Tesla app to work properly. I guess you have to do that for each time you stay overnight at any other location, sort of like you do to get your cell phone to receive WiFi signal at airports and restaurants, etc., right?
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    If you leave the Florida and Ohio connections as separate entries in the car's list it will be automatic.
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    avcinci, you could consider changing the SSID and passphase on one of your two locations so one matches the other. That way regardless of which location you are at, the car and all your other mobile, i.e., ipad, tablet, lalptop, smartphone will reconnect automatically.
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