FUD, FUD, FUD and More FUD



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    TeslaTap-- good points. Agreed on AP1 cars reducing learnable fleet. The 6% battery was in a article. Thanks Greg for finding reference for holding value.
  • "...and learns self-driving from the entire 750,000 car fleet."
    Other than whether this number is really 600,000, (it will soon be more than 750,000 if you just wait a few months), I think this is a totally true statement even if it is not actively taking all data from all cars all the time. That whole fleet and where it goes is available to Tesla for learning and they get all they can handle. There probably just isn't enough CPU or communications bandwidth to take advantage of all of it all the time.
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    @greg - Thanks - I hadn't caught that article. Nice to see things exceed my expectations (which are already high)!

    @Earl and Nagin - Good points - Yep fleet is increasing at a crazy rate :)

    @Mr. Spacely - Keep up the great work!
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    Keep up the great work informing people of the truth
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    Very timely and interesting take by Jesse and Zac entitled "Tesla Short Squeeze! | In Depth" Bottom line hang on to your TSLA stock!

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    They'll never make an electric car! - They did

    No one will want to buy it! - People want it

    They'll never make it more affordable - They did

    Production problems! - Fixed

    Demand problems! - Wasnt real to begin with

    Delivery problems! - You're kidding right?

    To me, i dont understand how people cannot see the obvious bullcrap.
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