Northern California

Solution for Bay Area FasTrak and Flex Toll Tag

For those that are commuting in the east bay and on the express lanes, what is the solution you're using in your Model S with Flex toll tags?
In my old MS, I have used the exterior toll tag due to the metal oxide windshield that might block RF signal. I might be commuting through the east bay sometimes but I assume that with only the exterior tag, I will get charged for riding those lanes?



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    The flex tag works just fine in my Model 3 mounted in the position Tesla recommends (next to the rear view mirror)
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    My experience is that my car gets charged through the license plate number.
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    In my Dec 2018 Model X, when going through the toll plaza, I place the Flex toll tag on the dashboard, at about midpoint above the touchscreen. The tag is recognized most of the times and beeps correctly, and in rare cases where it doesn't beep, tolls get applied to my account based on the license plate. I am sure the position is just fine, without having to permanently stick it somewhere in the cabin.
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