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Back in April someone backed into my driver's side rear quarter panel, while I was in the car. She took full responsibility and my Model 3 was still drivable. Due to insurance delays, it took unil the end of May to get my car into a Tesla certified body shop. They ordered all the parts based on the pictures I sent them and got them in before my car arrived to them, but after looking over the car they knew it needed some internal brackets which are back ordered from Tesla with no ETA. So a 3 week repair could now take months, this is unacceptable! It's bad enough the closest Tesla "certified" body shop is 2 hours away from me, but now I have to wait on parts. Tesla should have gotten all this sorted out by now. I can't encourage anyone to buy a Tesla anymore if there aren't enough body shops and they can't get parts. I accepted the higher DMV fee and higher insurance rate for my Tesla, but not having parts or enough body shops makes me wonder why I bought a Tesla.


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    Sorry for your pain.

    So basically you are upset you have to wait a long time for replacement parts because Tesla cannot keep up with production enough to have replacement parts?

    I feel your pain, you don’t want to drive a “wrecked” car, and are frustrated you can’t get repair. Take solace in the fact Tesla cannot produce enough to make you whole.

    Side note, thank your wrecker for taking responsibility, it will be fixed.
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    Okay it is unacceptable what do expect anyone on this forum to do about it? Are you now trying to steer others away form TESLA because of your unfortunate circumstance.

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    Wish people would not use these boards to complain. Elon is in charge of parts for repair. Really he is. Get in contact with Elon. I’m quite sure he does not read these boards, so up to you to figure out how to escalate. Bloomberg has a survey. Maybe you wish to participate. Anything is better than complaining to other owners.
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    Movement of stock price seems to have a one to one correlation to the number of negative posts popping up on the forum.
  • Hey resist, it is ok to vent a little bit, if I was left without a vehicle after an accident, especially if it wasnt my fault I would find the lack of readily available transportation frustrating too. Not sure why any one would want to shut you down or belittle you for a reasonable post like yours.
    While we all agree that Teslas are amazing vehicles their service structure is still has some growing to do.
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    Resist, I am very sorry to hear of your damage and the significant delay in getting your Tesla back on the road. Thank you for posting. It is important for all Tesla owners especially future ones to be aware of the many issues with owning a Tesla. Posting your experience on this forum is very appropriate. Contrary to some this is not a Tesla cheer leading forum. Please take the time to politely push it up the customer service ladder without taking no for an answer.

    Do you have direct access to the damaged brackets. Perhaps they can be fabricated at a local sheetmetal shop or 3D printed. Happy to make suggestions if you could post up some picks.
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    Good info and good to know going forward. Tesla has a responsibility to the owners to provide parts for the aftermarket. In this case, had you known, you could have kept the car until the parts did arrive vs. having the body shop take it apart and be waiting months for Tesla parts.

    It is one of the downsides of owning a Tesla, they are no doubt keeping all parts for a mad push for cars sold in Q2-19 to try and show a profit. So customers are hostage to Tesla's financial issues affecting owners use of their cars.
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    Yes, I was venting a little but my main reason for posting here was to let people know there still is a parts shortage, so prepare for a long wait if your car needs body work. And potential Tesla owners need to consider this, I didn't when I bought my Model 3 and wished I had. When an auto maker ramps up vehicle production, they need to also ramp up part production. And yes I did contact Elon about it, and have heard nothing back.
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    M8B -- You should be banned from Tesla forum. You always have to write thoughtless negative comments in favor of Tesla. Do you own Tesla stock and bleeding money?? OP is not cry baby but you are asshole ruining everybody's experience on this forum. Looks like you don't have any work and only work left is to write your dumb comments in every thread.

    OP has genuine concern. If I have same experience I wouldn't recommend anyone buying Tesla.
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    FUD. Nothing to see here but FUD. Pathetic.
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    @IntelSPE- M8B is a piece of work like a bunch of us....but should not be's a forum...move along if you don't like what someone says
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    @IntelSPE OP has legit concern but a forum like this is not the place to CRY about it if you are a TESLA supporter.

    Work with TESLA privately to address your concerns if you still support TESLA.

    People that complain about things they still want to have relationship with are nothing more that bridge burners or hypocrites.
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    ST70 @IntelSPE- M8B is a piece of work like a bunch of us....

    Quite an acknowledging statement there. Guess your plenty proud of yourselves as well.

    Perhaps you should consider how your constant demeaning, insulting, and often vulgar attacks on fellow Tesla owners affect the image of the brand Tesla. This type of behavior probably does more to turn off new potential buyers looking for information and feedback before buying than that those that post real issues. I know the bunch of you think it your responsibility to make everyone that says anything even remotely negative regarding Tesla out to be a bunch of crying idiots but wow it is really the other way around.
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    Check out the "Tesla Forum Enhancement Suite." By allowing user blocks, it delivers what it promises.
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    +1 Howard. Unfortunate Tesla allows a small group of owners to drag the forum down attacking Tesla owners. Use of profanity alone would justify removing their posting priveleges, just requiring basic good manners. Every post gets an instant attack response from "the gang". A lot to wade through.
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    FISHEV, The forum rules are very clear on the expected and agreed upon behavior. Some ignore and abuse it almost constantly. I flag as inappropriate and often cut and past the worst of it and email directly to [email protected] This does seem to be having a little bit of an effect but more of us need to do it.

    The forum is where fellow owners go to research issues hoping to find constructive feedback regarding those issues. If everyone goes directly to Tesla as suggested with their questions and issues then the rest of us are left in the dark. It also increases the workload on Tesla customer support when a simple answer can be found on the forums. This is the function of all the forums I have been on.
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    @FISHEV Tesla allows everyone equal voice here, unlike many other internet forums. Don't like the pushback then quit whining. I love "the gang" reference.

    The gang supports Tesla but they do not give Tesla a free pass on everything. "The gang" does a huge amount behind the scenes to help customers wade through the huge amount of misinformation the trolls here, such as yourself, continues to try and propagate.

    "The gang" supports Tesla, you, and the "anti-gang" (also a group of regulars) are spoiled people who think all crying should be dealt with by handing the baby a sugar cube.
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    Magic 8 Ball | June 5, 2019
    @FISHEV Tesla allows everyone equal voice here, unlike many other internet forums.

    True statement there. Most forums have active moderators that protect the integrity of the brand and ensure all who post are treated with respect and due consideration. You know like the forums rules spell out. It is supposed to be gentlemanly and professional exchanges regardless of your views or compulsions.
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    "Tesla’s forum provides an online meeting space for owners and enthusiasts to exchange ideas that are entertaining, helpful and useful. We encourage you to participate and only ask that you be respectful of others. Don’t post messages that are obscene, vulgar, hateful, sexual in nature, ....."

    This is a direct contradiction of your belief that you are allowed to treat other owners badly because you do not agree.
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    @howard Actions speak louder than words and rules can be changed. Having a moderated forum to "protect brand integrity" is idiotic. Now you want TESLA to game the forum?

    Moderators can appear biased now you want people to get pissed at moderators?

    I only speak truth, you and the rest of the troll gang not so much.
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    A couple of months ago I was hit at a stop light. Minor damage of some paint and a cracked reflector. Took the car to a Tesla authorized body shop. Initially, over the phone, they told me they would remove the rear bumper to check for additional damage but when I took the car in they noted that it was unnecessary given the overall state of the bumper ("lucky" me). The car was still drive-able (no alerts from the system and no weird non-functional items over several days) so I kept the car until the body shop had the part. As I recall, it took about 2 weeks to get the part. Annoying but certainly a more than livable situation. Once the part was in, took the car in on a Wednesday night and had it back that Friday night. I did not get an insurance rental as I did not need it. Points to consider,

    1. I really liked the fact that the shop wanted to examine the car prior to ordering the parts. This was done to ensure that they would not take my car in until they had everything they needed to complete the repair in a timely manner.
    2. I know that I was lucky in that my car was still drive-able. My insurance would cover a rental for 30 days. It would be a royal pain, not to mention expensive, if my car was not drive-able and I ran out of insurance coverage due to Tesla parts not being available.

    However, when you live on the bleeding edge a certain mind-set is required. While my wife and I do greatly enjoy our 3, we knew what we were getting into when we bought it. We checked and double-checked that there was a SC nearby and that it had sufficient capacity to handle the volume of cars in the area. We checked the cost of installing home charging. We learned about the rebates available and the limitations thereof (yes, the Tesla "store" did also vigorously tell us about the limits). We asked question after question and then asked again until we were satisfied that we knew the answers were accurate. We understand that sometimes software updates will break things while improving others. We understood the issues with parts availability.

    The bottom line is, owning a Tesla is an adventure. It has its wonderful moments and its not so wonderful moments. If you are not prepared for the ride, literally and figuratively, buy a car from GM, Ford, etc. Parts are generally not a problem for them. I assume, that like most other things Tesla, they will get better over time. I further assume that when parts become more available generally, that news will disseminate on the forums and other places. Until that happy day, I will do my best to keep my "baby" in one piece.

    Final thoughts, this parts and Tesla authorized shop shortage is not unique to Tesla. Consider when "exotic" cars first started coming to the U.S. Talk to someone who bought an early Jaguar in the U.S., owned a Mini when they first showed up etc. When people ask me about the car, I am always careful to speak to the positives of owning one and the negatives. Informed consumers are satisfied consumers. Have a nice day.
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    M8B, You agree to the rules when posting on the forum. Sorry, you don't like the rules and are not apparently willing to honor them.

    Keep defecting and defending your actions. It really is amazing and entertaining.

    We have clogged this thread enough and it is really pointless anyway. Enjoy your Tesla.
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    Tesla is great engineering company but very poor at manufacturing and operations. Had good guys in manufacturing and operations but EM fired most of them in last one year. When I got my brand new, M3 I had to keep my car 3 weeks at SC to fix multiple issues.
    Airbag warning - cable was not connected during manufacturing
    Missing center seat seatbelt buckle
    Misaligned doors - still not fixed
    Issues with front camera module
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    Back on subject....if the insurance adjuster had better knowledge of how to assess damage on the car, perhaps more of the appropriate parts would have been ordered.

    My shortened story...deer hit, insurance adjuster came out and spent an hour going through the teardown drawings to properly define the required parts....all for a couple small dents in rear passenger door, and a crushed in corner where the rear quarter panel meets the bumper cover at the wheel well.
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    @howard Rules are meant to be tested. Do you blindly follow rules?
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