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Hopefully, the answer is yes. Although I have no issues charging at 115 v and adding 4+ mph my clothes dryer is on a 30 amp line (through the wall) is about 4 1/2 feet away if I run the cable properly. As I can buy dryer cable on e-Bay/Amazon for cheap ($14-$18)and also the appropriate socket for the Tesla cable is there anything that I am not recognizing vs the ready made cables for $90+++++ ? Your thoughts?


  • You can easily buy stock electric cord and attach the correct plugs/receptacles as needed. Everything you need can be purchased at your local Home Depot.
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    This is actually how I charge at home. I purchased a NEMA 10-30 (dryer connection-male) to NEMA 14-50 (Tesla charger-female) adapter on Amazon, along with a 30 ft NEMA 14-50 extension cord. I live in an older 1960’s ranch style home where the fuse box supports a max of 60 amps. Needless to say, adding a 50 amp breaker would’ve required an entirely new breaker box and upgraded electrical run. For $150, the adapter and extension cable were a much cheaper option. I set the car to charge at a max of 26amps, as not to overload it, and I get about 25-26 miles-per-hour charge rate. Plenty to fully charge over night.
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    Make sure it can handle the current you plan on drawing. It's very easy to melt an extension cord. Check the current rating... The thing should be as fat as a hotdog.
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    @evol216, charging should be limited to 24 amps, not 26 amps on a 30 amp circuit. NEC specifies circuit must be rated at least 125% of continuous current (max continuous current is 80% of rated max/breaker).
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    You can do what you describe, but a safer option is to make the extension cable terminate in a NEMA 10-30 or 14-30 (whatever is on the other end, just a socket instead of plug) and buy the proper $35 gen 2 adapter from Tesla. This way the charger automatically sets the current to the proper limit. With putting a 14-50 end on there the car will try to draw too much current unless you manually set the limit. I prefer less things to remember to do myself :)
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