Tariff exemption denied for Tesla

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If you voted for the current President & love your Tesla, it's time to reconsider that vote.

It's seriously that simple.


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    I never would have voted for the orange cheeto ever. He is a poser who simply does not understand basic economics. He still thinks that tariffs are paid by the selling country. He does not understand that USA citizens are the ones who will pay more for items because of the idiotic tariffs.
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    It used to be that conservatives wanted deregulation, reduction of the USA trade deficit with other countries, and to lead the world in new technologies. Instead they support the opposite, disrupting trade and supply chains with bizarre tariffs and outright bans on using foreign products. Deregulate and subsidize old polluting industries; put up barriers to new clean ones.
    Will Tesla ship partially assembled cars sans Chinese parts to Europe then finish assembly overseas?
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    Republicans are merely following the orange cheeto in the office of the president. They are so scared of pissing off his base that no matter what crap he spews, they will support it because if they do not, then he will publically attack them and they will lose their 40% support from his base.

    His base is a bunch of lemmings who cannot think for themselves. No matter what the orange idiot in chief says, they support it, even if it were to hurt them financially or personally.
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    Any kind of tariff is dumb because it hurts the consumer and in this case an American car company fighting climate change. Another reason to get rid of the M*****f*****. ITMFA. Musk says it could affect profitability although it is about 25% just on MCU and screen. So possibly $500-$1000 by my estimates
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    I thought all the Tesla parts were made in the USA, but on a facebook site, someone said it is only 50% of the parts are, so its not an "All American" car like a Camaro or Mustang or Charger.
    Anyone know the actual percentage of American parts that are in the car? I wonder what country these people think makes Tesla.
    I think we need to do away with trade inbalances but think we should charge foreign countries more to buy our products that they need unless they lower the price on things that we need. It should all net out so neither country comes out ahead. We can sell a loaf of bread to starving people in Ethopia for $100 but then if they sell nickle or some other material we need for batteries for a marked up price too, nobody wins. Japanese cars are cheap here but you dont see American cars there. Chevy only sold 1 or 2 Corvette in the UK if I recall correctly and isnt allowed to sell Camaros, but we buy Jaguars , McLarens,
    Land Rovers, Mini Coopers, Bentleys, etc from their country.
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    ITMFA, indeed. Wow, support for donald is bordering on delusional stupidity. really? and nothing, absolutely nothing, is redeeming in any way about him. why we put up with this is beyond me. Why would you not support an American company in any way possible? Can anyone in the Rs group answer that?

    Sorry, too many questions that seem to go unanswered, lo, these past 2 years plus. god, has it only been 2 years?

    and please don't answer with the faux news talking points. so played...
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    @Tesla2018 - We live in a global economy. I would be surprised if any car "made in American" is actually made from 100% U.S. sourced parts and material. The Monrony sticker on my Model 3 says 50% US/Canadian parts, 25% Mexico and leaves blank the other 25%. Perhaps those parts are made at Elon's colony on Mars.

    Past administrations have complained long and loud about China's unequal trade policies, but have done nothing about it. Our current President is trying to do something about it. Yes, there is pain for the American consumer, but is it really fair that China charges a 25% tariff on Tesla cars made in Fremont and is allowed to get away with it. Those tariffs are a primary reason why Tesla in building Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, with the resultant loss of economic activity and the jobs that go with it here.
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    ITMFA, two very long, long years indeed. What a nightmare!
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    Maifert is behind in their reading of GOP founding documents. Particularly Milton Friedman. Friedman's views on the value of importing as much as possible (his point is if there are subsidies then the foreign country is making things less expensive for us) was summarized by the conservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI). Not saying I agree,

    AEI is now criticizing both TRUMP and Bernie. "In other words, in economic terms, our standard of living is highest when we maximize imports and minimize exports, which is exactly the opposite of the political thinking, rhetoric and mercantilist policies we hear about from Trump and Sanders, which generally seek to maximize exports and minimize imports."
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    "our standard of living is highest when we maximize imports and minimize exports" for a while, but the increasing trade deficit haunts us. The current trade war is reducing and in some cases terminating many exports to China while the deficit to China remains high. tradingeconomics.c om/china/balance-of-trade
    It is making many things more expensive in the USA and is driving China to permanently reduce dependence on USA products. GF3 will help ameliorate this for Tesla, but for many other companies the damage may be permanent.
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