My experience at the Jaguar and Audi Dealerships today for their EVs


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    The one thing that Audi, Jaguar and Tesla all have in common - at some point they rely on people. As much as ordering a NEW Tesla is button pushing on a web page, there are people involved at the delivery.

    Training your people and giving them what they need to do their jobs, those are the most important things.

    Thanks for the reports. FWIW sometimes WE are just as hard on other EVs (like Dave was), when we point out they don’t have a supercharging network. I’ve done it myself.
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  • Last year I was actually trying to buy the ipace. After 4 months of total incompetence at the Jaguar dealer (the biggest in France), I slammed the door on them (and cracked the glass of the door, that's how angry I was). Next day I walked into the Paris Tesla showroom, and 1 hour later I walked out with a signed contract and the following week, I was in my new Model S.

    I had a conversation with a Jag exec over the phone. He did acknowledge enormous problems with a) dealers and b) the Jaguar IT systems which was at the root of the problem - you MUST go on the web to configure your ipace, which includes some 80 options. Once done, you send the sales rep a link. The sales rep must them, BY HAND, enter the details in their sales ordering system which produces a quote and contract. So after 4 months, only errors.
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    @mickel - Sounds like Jaguar has erected a number of barriers to make it as painful as possible to purchase. Doesn't bode well for its success.
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    Thank you for sharing your expierance
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    The iPace only has a Max range of 240 miles / 386 km

    I'll get a Toyota Prius/Camry if I want a grocery getter.

    I've looked at other so called "Tesla Killers" no other manufacturer is even close right now. I do hope that changes in the future. But to be quite honest these other manufacturers truly do not want to go electric. It cuts deep into their profit margin.

    Awwwwww.......breaking my heart over here.
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    As much naysayers think Tesla fans are drinking too much of the Kool Aid, ICEV supporters are not seeing the head winds facing conventional manufacturers. #1 being $$$
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    Tesla is still way ahead of the competition.

    As Elon says:

    “What matters is the pace of innovation, that is the fundamental determinant of competitiveness.”
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