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Window issue with door closing

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I'm a new (used 2013 60) Model S owner and generally love it. However, since I have gotten the car the drivers window goes back up intermittently when I close the door (I'm talking about the standard mechanism where the window goes down slightly when the handle is pulled and then goes back up when the door is closed). I would say 1 out of 20 times I close the door the window will go up as it is supposed to. I don't hate going in the passenger side to roll it up every time I leave the car but I also feel like there must be a solution.

I'm hoping that some kind soul(s) here can help me figure out the next step to fix this rather than paying (and waiting) for a mobile service visit.

Some details:

1) I have tried various reset options I found here: restarting both screens, separately and together; rolling the window down and holding it 30 seconds - then rolling the window up and holding it 30 seconds; rolling the window up with my hand in the way so that it stops repeatedly until the automatic window raising doesn't work and then rolling it all the way up and holding it up for 30 seconds. I'm open to trying more of these reset solutions if you have suggestions.

2) the latch mechanism does not cause the window to rise - using a tool to trigger the latch when the door is open doesn't cause the window to go up - when I realized this I ordered a new latch mechanism, installed it, and still have the same issue.

3) related to 2 I notice that the heads up display of the car doors shows when the other doors are open. When opening the front drivers door the image shows the door open and then immediately close - even if the door is still open. I assume this isn't normal but only have an N=1. I also thought this could be a latch issue and related to the window but after replacing the latch I'm less convinced.

4) when other windows go up upon the door closing the handle retracts into the door slightly. This still happens on the drivers door.

As my next steps I am considering replacing the door controller and /or replacing the fuse for the left doors but I hate just replacing parts on a whim. The latch has 5 pins - does anyone know which of these I should follow to diagnose this? Anyone encounter similar issues?

I emailed customer service and they told me to power off the car and reset the touch screen - neither of which helped.
Thanks for your help!


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    My 2014 P85 does same thing. Driver side window does not go up all the way after closing door. Since it's summer, I'm going to ignore it for now...... I can always close window manually; only issue would be heavy rain after vehicle parked outside.
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    Does yours also show the drivers door immediately close when you open the door?
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    You might be able to do a rest of just that window. With the door closed , press the button down hold it until you hear a beep. Immediately pull the button up and hold until you hear another beep. After this the windows parameters are reset. It might fix your problem.
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    Tony, I tried you solution. No "beep" but it looks like it worked anyway. Thanks!
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    Tony, I tried your solution and when I hold the window switch down for a while (~30s) the window becomes stuck in the down position. The window switch no longer works after that until I restart the computer (holding down two buttons on steering wheel). Does this help diagnose what might be wrong?
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    Quick update: I was playing around with the door today and it seems the window will go up normally if I close the door very slowly. There seems to be a door ajar sensor that is sensitive to a very slightly open door but not to a fully open door. I can't find any indication of a sensor like this in the parts catalog or anywhere else online but the door ajar behavior very clearly indicates that the car is aware of whether the door is slightly open. Fully opening the door makes the car think the door is closed. Does anyone know where this sensor would be located or have an idea why the car would do this? I can't see anything in the hinge area and can't find anything in any wiring diagram that suggests its location. Is this the kind of thing I could try to have an over the air change in calibration to that sensor? Any help is appreciated.
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    Hello. Any update? I have the same issue.
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    Sure would like to get same answers to mlTesla's questions above. My 2020 Model S with 600 miles on it is doing something similar. Sometimes I close the Driver's door easily and although it LOOKS like it is closed the car sensor doesn't register it. The Walk-Away-Lock does not activate. Go back to the car and SLAM the door shut and the car immediately powers down, light turn off and all screens go black. Walk away and the mirrors fold back after the turn signal light blink. I can not find a limit switch in the door jam for closed or open door assessment. Anyone know how the car determines when a door is open or closed? Thanks in advance for any information.
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    I’m having the same issue on my M3. I first discovered it when I rinsed the car off with a hose and my passenger seat had droplets on it. I just assumed it was me. On 3 or 4 occasions now I have noticed the passenger window is cracked, as if it didn’t come up after opening/closing the door. Just did a window reset, see if that works.
    Annnnd no, I’m not accidentally opening the window.
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    I had same issue. I had door handle fail at same time different door. I repaired the door handle, and replaced 12v battery. Problem went away in my case. 2014 p85+
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