Electrify America's plan by 2028 is to have only 39 states covered.

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Check this out:

They only are going to have 39 states, and are going no further north than Boston for example.

So anyone who says that this network is a viable option for non Tesla EV owners needs to be corrected. I was on twitter yesterday conversing with a BMW fanatic who thinks the i4 is almost here and that Electrify America is fine for everyone. His response when told that it only will cover 39 states was that for him it was fine. Yup, that is a typical BMW owner.

....And that is what is promised by 2027. I doubt that it will happen.


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    shorter range, less performance, Less charging opportunities, more expensive
    yup, I want the BMW
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    The guy on twitter posted this diatribe:

    When I pointed out that it will be at least three years before the car is out, he does not care. When pointed out that the charging network is lacking, he does not care. Talk about blinders..
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    This really shouldn't come as a surprise. This whole network is basically court ordered. It was dictated that they spend "X" amount of money on it. I and others have been saying from the beginning that once they meet they minimum requirement of the settlement, they will stop. Many praise this network, like they praise the EV efforts of GM and such, but like many I see it as a hindrance. Half ass produced EVs and a half ass charging network will only further the stigma that EVs are limited cars and clearly are not suitable replacements for one's ICE car. The only upside with this is that Tesla will sell more cars because they and the supercharger network will just stand out even further.
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    Are there any funds set aside for upkeep of the network?
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    If you look at the picture on the webpage posted by myself, they do not plan to go into Maine, NH, and Vermont. That is a large chunk of real estate that they are skipping. Meanwhile Tesla is expanding out there.
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    I stopped to check out the diesel gate chargers at the Walmart in South Everett this morning and per the info placards on the chargers they are all 50kW. Their web site says they are 350, 125 and 75kW. I am often on my way before I get to down a 50kW rate of charge.
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    Don't trust this plan. Money wasted IMHO. VW and other fossil fuel interests prefer selling ICE vehicles and make EVs look bad. Didn't the VW guys to to Jail. They need to make amends.
    The money should have gone to people having to breathe diesel crap and their doctor bills.
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    No. Surprise

    Many here have predicted that VW was full of shit and would slow roll this.

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    I thought the original plan was to have it fully built out with 300+ 350 kW chargers across the USA by June 2019. Look like those plans are standard vaporware, like a lot of EVs!
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    @TTap, you think the legacy automakers are starting to realize they have to throw in the towel, or actually need to create a VIABLE and RELIABLE DCFC network?
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