Why we need Autonomous Driving

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In today's world more than ever we need Autonomous Driving. With all the advents of Technology in our lives there is way too many items to pull your attention away from the road ahead.
When I started driving there wasn't as many cars on the road and the speed limit in the US on highways was 55. Then for primary distractions you had 1) the radio, when that song you hated most so you had to change the station. 2) Talking with your passengers. 3) That occasional very pretty lady walking along side the road. Then 4) Those ridiculous road signs.
Today we still have the same basic distraction with following enhancements. 1) There are more cars on the road today with Speed Limits raised to 70 mph or more. 2) Car Entertainment Systems go way pass just the basic radio with variations for touch screen Multiple sources of Audio like Streaming, Satellite and Bluetooth. 3) That lady is likely to have less cloths on than 30 years ago. 4) Those signs now flash revolving ads that demand more attention. 5) New today mobile phones or other electronic devices screaming for your attention.
While yes cars are safer than ever, but they still have the same single point of failure baring a mechanical issue and that is the driver. Today with all the items around us giving the proper attention has proven impossible for so many drivers. That compiled with the thought process I will look away just for a second and be right back. The distractions will not slow down. This is why not only do we need Tesla, but every car maker working on this solution to bring Fully Autonomous cars to main stream.


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    6) so many idiot drivers on the road!
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    7)Many more hurricanes pushing the car on the other lane or other side of the road while trying to drive on a global warming planey
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