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MCU (main screen) fail - on 2013 Model S

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So, after 6 years and over 95k miles, the dreaded (inevitable?) MCU screen went dark this morning. Repeated reboot did nothing. Fortunately the car is still drivable, however, anything and everything controlled by MCU is no longer available.

Another fortunate (but also unfortunate) thing is AC is working (it was On when screen went dark). Problem is, AC won’t turn off- at all! Thus, it would just drain my battery unless car is plugged-in. Which is not feasible to do if I goto work, as garage does not have charger or wall outlet. Besides, I’d think having your AC on for hours continuously would not be good....

So, took the car to Tyson’s service center. Boy, the days of awesome customer service for early adopters are surely all gone, for sure! Waited over 45min just to have someone finally talk to me about my car.

Now, I’m without my car, no loaner, and Uber-ing home. And could be without a car for the entire week - July 4th weekend, no less. They gave me $700/7 day Uber voucher, which just translates to higher the voucher amount, higher the final service bill will be. Ouch!

Anyone had your MCU replaced and what the cost was? (For non-Warranty/extended-warranty, that is)


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    Other forum members have said out of warranty replacement cost was about $4000.00. YMMV.
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    All the MCUs 1 will fail eventually, designer error, read inside EVs, there is an article last weekend about it. Class action?
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