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UK specification tow hitch connector

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Can any body tell me the type of connector that is used to connect the 13 pin lighting board connector to the car. I'm looking keep the original 13 pin connector but to add a different connector for the lighting board. This way I can return the car to stock when needed.

thanks in advance




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    Hi, you are looking for a 13 pin to a 7 pin socket adaptor, these can be purchased from halfords and trailer supply shops. I use one on my X as all my trailer plugs are 7 pin.
  • Odd, I have the model 3 and it has a 13 pin on the car and my Thule rack is 7 pin. I plug it straight in and it works. Maybe a little loose but seems fine. Should I be using an adapter? Or are Tesla cars able to accept 13 or 7 pin by default at the car end?
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