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It appears that the latest update changed how our trunk works (2017 S). Now, if either front door is open (didn't test the back doors), the trunk will not close when we press the auto close button in the trunk. When both doors are closed, the trunk closes like it always has in the past. Just thought I would pass that along in case others think they are having a problem with their trunk closing.

Full disclosure. The car had the rear bumper painted by a top notch local body shop, and when I opened the trunk for the 1st time since getting it back we noticed the problem closing the trunk. I went back to the body shop today, and they noted they never had to touch the trunk mechanism at all. And, damn, every time they tried to close the trunk, it closed. They told me to bring it back if it happened again. I said OK and started to get in the car, then I stopped and said I will just try it one more time. Sure enough, it wouldn't close (I had the front door open). Three of us tested it about a dozen more times with the doors open and then closed, and we came to the conclusion mentioned above.


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    Just tested my Dec-2016 S, and it works fine for me. Left driver door open. Used fob to open and close trunk - works fine. Used open button on trunk - works. Used close button at top of hatch - works.

    Using version 2019.20.4.3, installed several days ago.

    Strange - no idea why you're seeing something different. I wonder if something is not connected properly on your car after the repair, such as the trunk sensor for open/close? You might look at the display and confirm it shows the trunk open when it is open.
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    I just went out and played with it a little bit. I am on version V9.0 (2019.20.4.2 66625e9). The trunk will not close when I push the auto close button in the trunk lid if a front door is open. The icons on the dash show the trunk being open.

    Additionally, if I am sitting in the car, with the door open, I can call up the car icon on the main screen and touch the trunk close icon---and the trunk will not close. If I repeat this, but with the front door closed, the trunk will close.

    I was hoping this was related to an update versus something gone awry, but it doesn't seem that way based on your experience. As I noted, the body shop is top notch
    they work on a ton of high priced cars; local car dealerships refer their tough jobs to them (as did a Ford and Chevy dealership that backed my 1st corvette when it was brought in for an oil change; and they made a yellow corvette I had look like new after a tree fell on it), and they said they never had to touch the trunk closing mechanism. I just wonder if one of their workers did before realizing they didn't need to or something.....................
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    @mcmack15 - have you rebooted since your last update? Strange things happen. I try to remember to always reboot after a new update gets installed.
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    Thanks packpike----I hadn't thought of that
    unfortunately, I just came in from rebooting with no luck.

    If I am the only one having this issue, it can't be a coincidence, something must have happened when they painted the bumper.

    I will swing past the local SC later this week and see what they say.
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    @mcmack15 - I'm on same sw version V9.0 (2019.20.4.2 66625e9) as you. Works fine for me without issue on my mid-2016 MS. With driver door open, I can push the button on the truck lid and it closes. Can also sit in driver seat with driver door open and use the button on the main screen to both open and close it without issue.
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    Thanks p.c.mcavoy. Clearly something happened when the bumper got repainted. I live just 10 minutes from a good SC, I will stop in later this week when we don't have the grandchildren
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    Here is the latest. I was able to stop in at the SC today, and as always, they were just fantastic. Have to remember to bring them goodies from the bakery on my next visit. 2-3 folks looked at the car and they tested closing the trunk with the auto close button under various circumstances: twice it would not close when the charge port door was open and the car was charging, and once it did; it would not close---even with the front doors closed----if the front windows were open????; as noted above, it still wouldn't close if either of the front doors were open (forgot to test for the rear doors); and it would close if (1) the front doors were closed and the windows were up, and (2) under all circumstances if you manually closed the trunk and gave it a little slam to shut it.

    They didn't believe the body shop did anything to trigger this (unless maybe they pinched a wire replacing the bumper, but they doubted it).

    Appointment was made for the 22nd and I think they are planning on replacing the mechanism on the trunk itself.
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