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Wireless Chargers and Power Banks - Automatic?

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Several companies suggest using a power bank in conjunction with the wireless chargers to get more power output. I've tried one, and while it works, the problem is that it doesn't turn on automatically. If I plug my phone directly to the charger it senses the connection and begins charging. When connected to the wireless model 3 charger however, it doesn't turn on until I click the power button on the battery pack. It's almost as if the draw from the charging pad isn't enough to trigger the on state?

I'm curious if anyone has a setup with a battery that they can just "drop and charge"? If so what charger and batter combo is it? Thanks!


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    My wireless doesn’t use a power pack, but it charges as soon as I put my iPhone on it.

    If you have a power pack (battery) and you have it turned off... what makes you think your phone would start charging without turning on the battery?
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    @rdavis For the same reason it turns on when I plug my phone into it directly. It detects a draw and automatically starts charging. Since the batteries are recommended by the companies that make the chargers, I was assuming that this would also be the case. It's not for me and wondering if it's down the battery selection.
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    Solved my own problem. I think maybe getting one with "pass through charging" is the key. The first one I got required it to be turned on when connected to the wireless charger. The new one begins charging as soon as I place the phone on the pad.

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    Yes, I have one with pass through charging. Always on and ready.
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    After some trial and error with a few different powerbanks in our household, this one did the trick.

    Have been using it for several months without issue with our two M3's equipped with a Gen1 Taptes charger.

    As mentioned, pass through charging is important, as well as the ability to detect that a device that needs to be charged w/o having to fiddle with the power button (which invariably will be at the very bottom of the center console).
  • I bought one Qi Solar wireless charger from here.
    20000mAh with five panels,
    I don't need to worry "it doesn't turn on automatically".
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    Is there any concern of the powerbank overheating when the car is sitting parked in the sun?
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    Probably not, but like any battery, constant fluctuations of extreme temperature changes will wear out the battery faster. Least you could do is keep it in an enclosed compartment in the car so its somewhat shielded from the heat and sun.
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    I don't see any reason to use a power bank in this application, a wireless charger supplies enough power to charge a phone. If you want to be able to do high speed charging in the car then get a 12V to USB-C adapter for the center console, I have one that's 18Wx2.
    Power banks are useful to carry around with you when you aren't in the car, I keep a couple in the car so that we have them when we need them.
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