Annual Service Discontinued - If You Prepaid, get a refund with a few clicks

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Tesla continues to improve - with significantly reduced maintenance costs! I went in for a 2 year maintenance, and they did the needed work for about half the cost of the old $725 2-year service. What a deal!

If you have a pre-paid maintenance plan, you have the option to continue with the old plan, but save money and just do the new recommended maintenance, or none at all if you like to live dangerously :) With a couple of clicks - Your Account -> Manage, go down to your plan and click on refund. Couldn't be easier.


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    Thank you for bringing the reality to the top. Please flag the spam post from @johncrab
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    Love this thread.
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    I could resent being called spam but I'll consider the source here. There never was any sort of a refund link on my account page. I was never informed of any of these changes. The SC purposely talked around this issue and were never up in my grill honest about the changes to the plan. That's the reality of it. If you are seeing a refund link YOU CAN FUCKING THANK ME for bitching loudly enough to get their attention.
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    @johncrab - Actually I don't think any has changed in the Tesla site, but perhaps your specific account had an issue. Yep, I get it that you're pissed - with multiple threads you've created on the identical problem. It makes others question whether it is real or not. I don't suggest flagging your posts, but it does make you look suspicious as we've seen our share of spam bots creating duplicate threads.

    As you seem to be an extreme personality, it may be why Tesla doesn't seem friendly towards all your demands and may have nothing to do with service for others. All I can say is I've never had any problems with service over 6+ years and multiple cars.
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    I would like to get a refund, so I went to the location suggested and there is no refund button or any other kind of button near the extended service plan area. Guess I must be a spamster too.
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    Possibly found the reason why I don't have a refund button.

    My extended service agreement from October 9, 2014 is different from what @bp quoted in another thread. It only has 6 pages, no cancellation application, and section J reads:

    J. Cancellation
    This Agreement may not be cancelled by You or Tesla and no return of the purchase price or any other fees or taxes will be provided by Tesla to You. This Agreement is not being sold in any jurisdiction in which the sale or performance of this Agreement is not permitted pursuant to applicable law at the time of purchase. Any such sale is void ab initio and of no force and effect and will not be deemed a cancellation. You will receive a full refund provided no services have been provided by Tesla.

    Anyone assuming all the agreements are the same is mistaken and should hold their insults.
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    Given you have a October 2014 agreement, have you had any services performed by Tesla under the extended agreement on your car?

    Because the final sentence is clear

    "You will receive a full refund **provided no services have been provided by Tesla**."

    So if you have made no use of the extended service agreement services you should be able get a refund.

    But as soon as you do, use the services, you cannot.

    So have you or have you not been provided any of the services under the extended agreement?
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    Are we conflating PREPAID SERVICE plan with the Extended Service (i.e., "extended warranty") Agreement?

    @greg, I think you're quoting from the ESA, while others are talking about prepaid maintenance agreement (pay in advance in exchange for a discounted price on scheduled services).
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    We purchased the 4 year pre-paid maintenance plan for our 2017 S and 2018 X - and neither have a request refund link on our Tesla Account pages.

    Both agreements do have a page we can print to request a refund.
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    Tesla does not read their forums. Its for users only. Your bitching did nothing.
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    I do not have a refund button in my Tesla account. I bought both the extended warranty and the 8 year prepaid service for my Model S, and I see both items listed when I Manage my Model S, but there is not a request refund button. I bought it abound 3.5 years ago (Dec 2015) before they introduced a different schedule for even and odd number of years old. Looking at the terms and conditions of the maintenance agreement, there is not a page to request a refund. Mine seems to be very similar to what @quinney described with 6 pages and an identical section J.
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