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So I wanted to share my experience (attempting to) use a friend’s referral request on my new M3 LR AWD purchase (delivered 6/24). Objective of this post is to help others prevent their referral code from not applying and maybe find a resolution to my current situation.
After we did a test drive, I had been shopping online for a while, playing with the configuration of the car, when my wife and I decided to finally pull the trigger.
I clicked my friend’s referral link and it pulled up the referral page, prompted me to choose which car. I clicked through the configuration process from scratch, and built my M3 LR AWD, made the purchase! Woohoo! This is 6/18
Next day, check and make sure he got the referral. Nothing yet. Ok, give it a minute I say. 6/20, I reach out to the sales rep (who is not who you want to reach out to at all). He says he’ll "create a case” about the referral code, but told me “this happens sometimes with referral codes, this is why you should have bought with me”. No apology.
I’m back and forth with the sales rep on this for a couple days, not super worried it can’t get resolved. Then, a few days later I stop by the showroom to talk to my rep, he isn’t there, so I call him. He now says he only created a case to escalate to his manager and that she wasn’t going to be able to help anyways. That I should contact “[email protected]”. This is NOT the right email. The correct email is [email protected] I reach out and explain the predicament.
Once they finally get back to me (today), they send a canned response that I can only access the referral benefits if I purchase through the link. THAT IS WHAT I DID. Lol, did not even read or acknowledge my email. I asked them to re-review my very detailed comments and am currently awaiting a response.
Maybe my mistake was: having another browser window open with a Tesla configured and ready to go? I still purchased through the correct referral link window, though… Maybe this confused the cart system?


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    My suggestions to you if using a referral code: Do it at a showroom. Or just screencast your online order (record it). If you can’t: Close all browsers, other tabs, or windows. Clear cache and cookies. Then order only through clicking the link. Call Tesla immediately to confirm the referral went through. CANCEL the order if it did not. Tesla is very strict it seems about allowing referral code after purchase. Even if you seemingly placed the order correctly.
    Funniest resolution suggestion I got was from the showroom rep. I had already received the car a few days earlier: you could return the car, get a refund, then order a new one with your friend's referral code. I almost split into two when he said that.
    Was really looking forward to free supercharging miles. I haven home charger/parking and exclusively use SC and the one by me is expensive! $16 to go from 20%-80 and $5 parking fee.
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    Been loving everything else about the car, and this experience certainly doesn’t make me think Tesla can’t resolve or make me love my Tesla any less (like some sour people on the forum). Bad service can be the nature of quickly scaling businesses, if service isn’t your core competency.
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    The problem with using the referral code is you can't play around with the configurator. The usage is time sensitive and just going in and configuring one way and then backing up to change to another configuration is all the system needs to time out the referral code. You have to be ready to go through the configurator once and only once after using the referral code link. Good luck getting it added after purchase as they typically won't add it.
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