Thoughts on article: Tesla Motors Tumbles In Key Trust Measure

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I just read this article and thought it would be a good topic of discussion.

Being new to Tesla, haven’t had need to service my car or anything but I can say the thought has crossed my mind on whether the balance of cars matches the availability of help when in need. But for a company that has been resisted at every turn, I’m more patient and empathetic about any possible challenges it faces. What do you think?


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    Fuck Forbes.

    That is all.

    My investment in Tesla looks pretty good right now. It is a volatile stock for sure, but the ultimate trend is and will be upwards.

    That is because they make the only serious all-electric vehicle in the world. Every other manufacturer of EVs is building them just to avoid EU sanctions. They hope they will never sell a single one. It would completely screw up their ICE-based business.

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    Normally you aren't supposed to say anything after you say "that is all".
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    What I 'think' is that this is yet another ploy by the "stealerships" to worm their way into Tesla's marketplace by manufacturing the notion that Tesla needs to assume the conventional approach to selling their cars just so they (the stealerships) can carve off a piece of the pie for themselves, you know, just like leeches do.

    @jimglas called it!

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    p.s. This is especially the case given that Tesla has recently picked up two new 'car of the year' awards, so the FUD'sters saw it as a necessity to manufacture the BS in order to offset the Tesla's indisputable stature in the industry:

    "Haters gonna hate...!"
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    Wow! The hatred is really bad. And worldwide.

    You know I was very close to buying a V8 cos I like a string drive and all but the intelligence of the Tesla’s was too much to deny and I had not even gotten to know it as I have now that I own one. I’ve seen some of the aggressive mustangs and other sprays cars trying to prove they still got it. They don’t and it’s quite ridiculous considering the history the Germans, Japanese and Americans have in car making. This is disruption at its best.

    So how deep in the pockets of the oil companies are these car companies? I was shocked to find that in the US the oil companies killed the train industry cos it makes absolutely no sense that a country like the US has no high speed train. No sense at all.
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    @wailor " deep in the pockets of the oil companies are these car companies?..." you ask.

    The only currently-in-production auto company that does not have oil interests sitting on their Board of Directors is Tesla. At GM approximately 30-35% of their Board are Big Oil. Can't say for certain at other car mfrs. While that doesn't exactly answer the specifics of your question, it should give you a hint.
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    The article does make a good point. In my case, my trust in Tesla has been dramatically eroded this year, but I go back to the salad days of 2014. A new Model 3 buyer is unlikely to notice any difference between traditional companies and dealers and what they get from Tesla. In fact, Tesla may even be perceived as a little better. It's only those of us who have been part of the Tesla ecosystem for years that can see the dramatic decline in customer service. The article doesn't come right out and say it but Tesla is going for the common denominator in the industry which is to do as little as possible to keep people coming back. From my perspective, Tesla now doesn't stand out from the others when it comes to the purchase/service/support end. It's about the same and only the car is significantly different. Many of the attributes which hooked me in 2014 are now gone as is my blind loyalty to the company. I will certainly consider other cars/companies when the need arises and have already done so.
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    Johncrab - didn’t you already say Tesla changed their policy all because you complained to them and that we should all be thanking you?
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    let us know how you like your Kia john
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    I have to admit I'm kind of a "I'm with you coach, win or tie!" guy, especially when it comes to my pocket book. As a result, I take my experience with Tesla one day at a time. If I wanted service I used to have to take it to the Atlanta Service Center from Birmingham. I've only had to do that once but it not only took a lot of time, it was expensive (they gave me an X as a loaner and my wife didn't want to give it back.) Now, I can avoid going to Atlanta except for Ga Tech football games since all my services are done in my garage. Still, I'm watching them like a hawk! After all, its only been 4 1/2 years.
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    Forbes has been FUD for at least 2 years now.
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    @johncrab your rants against Tesla are getting tiresome. I am a long time Tesla owner (1/2/13) with two MS's and M3 so far, and the decline in service you describe are absolutely not my experience here in Seattle. I have received nothing but exceptional service experiences over the past ~6 years. Others have chimed in stating the same, so your continual bashing of Tesla here does not have credibility IMHO. They have altered the service over past couple of years using Mobile Rangers to come out and do repairs at our home in lieu of bringing the car in. In my view that is an improvement not a detriment.
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    @wailor, train industry is doing well. Ask BH which owns one of the largest railroad freight companies in the world. The oil, auto and rubber industries killed the inter urban and long distance passenger rail. Trolley cars and trams were method many move in are large cities. City buses and automobiles are what we have now. The majority of your imports are haul on trains from the mega west coast ports to Midwest and east coast.

    Some older forum members can remember Pacific Electric trains that flourished in Southern CA during there childhood.
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    I dont think everyone is going to get the same experience when it comes to any company. But when you DO get bad experience, people tend to lash out and preach to the audience as if their experience is the ONLY experience. As if their bad customer service experience means Tesla customer service is trash. Perhaps you were rude and impatient, spoke with anger and resent, in which i'd be able to understand why they give you a hard time.
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