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Is energy use graphic accurate?

I'll admit I'm new here, so there's a good chance I'm overlooking something basic. That said, I'll throw myself at the mercy of the forum and ask...

When I look in the app at my home's energy usage and compare to the solar production, I routinely see that the two seem to move together throughout the day...even when we're traveling for several days away from home. We do not have AC, so I'm confused why the house is seemingly drawing different levels of energy at different times of day (more in midday and tapering as the sun sets.

I feel like I'm missing something. Is the energy usage in the app not my home's entire energy usage? Thanks to anyone who can help me understand this better!


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    I can not answer your specific question about your consumption following you usage, but I can tell you the information is not accurate. I have been tracking my usage every day since Aug of 2016 and comparing what is reported by Tesla / SC to what my utility reports and my NET consumption has been of by 3 to 4 kWh per day every day. Either I am using more than my consumption meter is reporting to Tesla or my system is producing less than reported by Tesla. back when my system was new I asked Solar City if it could be calibrated to fix this inaccuracy I I was told that it could not be done
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    If the two are moving together, it is almost always a calibration issue (in the other cases, it is an installation issue). Call Customer Support, and ask them to re-calibrate your consumption meter - it's all done in software from their end. If that doesn't fix it, they might need to send a technician out to correct the installation of the sensors.
    As for the accuracy of it, the consumption meter installed by SC/Tesla isn't as accurate as your utility meter. So the SC/Tesla numbers are the authoritative ones for solar production, and the utility *net* consumption numbers are authoritative for net consumption. Add the two together to get your true usage totals.
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    I have been closely monitoring our energy usage along with our 13.2 kWh solar production over past seven years, and got two PW2 installation last year (June 2018) and can say that they Tesla app does a pretty good job of accurately tracking our energy consumption from our home, as compared to our utility meter reading, which I also monitor closely. I keep a spreadsheet of our energy consumption and solar production, and take a reading every evening after the sun goes down. I can easily tell when our energy consumption goes up (dryer, microwave, oven, Tesla charging, etc.) and confirm by simply turning that appliance/application off. We operate in self-powered mode, and have not used any grid energy since late February operating self-sufficiently, which includes our all electric home plus charging of our two Tesla's (MS and M3). My sense is that the Tesla application is a great resource for checking your energy use and energy production. I can also say definitively that the solar reading from Tesla application is very accurate relative to the production meter reading from our solar panels.
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