Green Telsa Roadster in MN

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It's obvious you don't understand racing, you got your green head too far up your butt to figure that out. But you did "RACE" me (on the street), thinking you won. Lets settle this since you copped a HUGE ATTITUDE FIRST.

I'm dead serious $1000 race. On the street or the track. 0-125 (your limited top speed, I can go faster, but that's ok.)

The track is more accurate and more legal, if you're battery can make it, (maybe tow it with a farm truck like mine): RockFalls Raceway in WI, Cedar Falls Raceway, IA, 1/8 mile at Grove creek in MN or Brainerd International Raceway.

Prove you're not some sort of loser that hits the throttle, thinks he's won and starts spouting off like some sort of moron.

$1000. Should be "easy money" for you to make right?

My Specs: 750Wheel HP and 7000 pound truck vs your Telsa. Do the math. Put your money where you're big uneducated mouth is.

Why this post? I've seen this guy a few times, I happen to pull up behind him to see if he'd hit the throttle, maybe have a friendly little street sprint. It's what "car guys do". He waved like some asshat in front of me thinking he won some huge race. I wasn't racing, I was just curious and catching up chat. He came off with some sort of huge attitude and when I challenged him to a race, he came up with every excuse in the book.


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    I am not your guy, as I am a blue Roadster in VT, and I wasn't there to see what attitude he copped, but I wouldn't race either. A friendly street sprint isn't what "car guys do". I can think of many reasons not to race on the street. So if you asked me to race, I would decline (of course, I wouldn't be copping an attitude or hitting the throttle—just declining). A race on a track is different, but still wouldn't want to risk some fluke spinout that might damage my car!

    Good luck getting him on the track where it is at least legal and safer!

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    BlueDodge, is this the kind of truck you're driving?

    Just curious.
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    If he ignored you on the road what makes you think he'll respond to you post here?

    Personally, I ignore anyone who wants to race on the road. Driving a Porsche while I wait for a model s I regularly have people who want to race. Here in NSW Australia racing on the street means your car is impounded. Repeat offenders cars are forfiet.

    As for a race 'on the track' I'd race you in a Roadster S any day of the week provided the track includes lots of corners - ie not a drag strip. Real racing isn't 0-125 it's a lap time on something that includes left AND right corners, braking etc.
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