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Crash prevention vs lessening crash

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One of the things I don't fully understand is why Tesla doesn't have full crash prevention software unlike many of the new cars and instead offers to lessen the impact, I would prefer not to have an accident over having one but with less impact, would someone explain the reason for this?


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    Actually if you look at the manuals for these non-Tesla cars, you'll likely find in the fine print that AEB is not assured to work in every case. Tesla is just being a bit more honest and upfront about how it really works to set expectations correctly.

    Now there are some cars that have a bit better AEB than Tesla, and some that are worse. Here's a real-world comparison test of four cars that may be helpful to understand it more:

    In addition, Tesla is the only one that can get better over time with OTA updates. The others are never going to get better.
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    Thanks TeslaTap, this is a very good explanation of how AEB works, if you read my last reply to you,I DON"T HATE TESLA!
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