Tesla Customer Service is a Black Hole

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A sacrifice, when you own a Tesla, is that repair options are often limited to Tesla Service Centers only. "Not to worry" I was told; Tesla service is excellent... No. It isn't.

I made it 8 months before needing a repair to my Model 3, but now I've broken a side view mirror. I was surprised that if you call the local service center (Rockville, MD), there is absolutely no way to speak with someone. You are now required to schedule an appointment on the mobile app and it selects a date a few weeks in the future. You have to select a category of the repair (body damage, touchscreen, trim, etc.) and there is no clear category for cracked mirrors except, "other". So I'd like to ask if this is something that needs to be special ordered or if I'm even in the correct category in the mobile app; but, speaking with a person is something that is not possible in Tesla service. If you get a phone to ring, it dumps to voicemail and calls are not returned.

Luckily, my wife's car is NOT a Tesla, so between the two of us, we have something that we can get repaired quickly if needed. When my appointment comes a few weeks from now, I guess I'll go in with my fingers crossed. Maybe someone will call me as the service date approaches, but I'm not holding my breath.


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    It sometimes helps to physically go to the location.
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    I've tried calling retail stores to ask if they had something in stock, and not a single department nor manager lines would pick up. I ended up driving to the stores come to find a full staff present in the store, behind all the counters with phones, but no one picked up. Believe me, this is not a Tesla specific thing, no one today wants to take any calls. They want you to do everything online/app with zero human interaction. Have to just go there physically, because calling is a waste of your life.
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    I wouldn't mind so much going there if there was a SvC in most every city.
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    Andy.Connor.e: Hey! I did what you said and drove to the TSC this morning. Just like you said - there were 3 people there behind the desk; all of them ready to speak with me immediately. I confirmed they have the parts, but all the bays are booked until next week; I've got my answer.

    I ponder... with the density of telemarketing calls, maybe Tesla is moving away from voice calls because people tend not to answer calls that aren't in their contact list. In my case, no one ever returned my call.

    I think the moral of the story is... to be less frustrated, you must pretend you live in a world where the telephone has not been invented yet... but there are apps, text messages, and in-person meetings. Definitely sucks if you don't live near a TSC because the app can be coarse and inflexible - and the app process leaves you unsure of your status. It would be nice if you got a ping back saying someone had reviewed your service request and everything was in order or - otherwise - more coordination was needed.
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    #1 service call is how to use autopilot.

    Use the app. Stop using 19th-century technology.

    Maybe try Neuralink.
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    I emailed them a question a month ago regarding Homelink default selection on tbe mobile app.Today I received a reply that they apologize for taking so long to reply and to contact them again if I still needed assistance. I never got an answer to my question so why should I have to reply back to them. Just answer my original question! I feel like I am dealing with a call center in a foreign country with people that only have the reading comprehension of an 8 year old.
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    Hey im glad you had good results! Its kinda a pain in the ass but most of the time you'll get an answer if you just go there.
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    It doesn't matter what mode of communication is used, the bottom line is that the result has to be responsible and responsive. Tesla fails this test.

    It's been weeks. I've lost track of all the phone numbers that I've called. All the phone numbers that I've been given end up in the same place, i.e. use the email or the chat. Except the chat button is inactive. I finally called roadside assistance and got put through to someone to help with my registration of a purchase from a private party. I was told that Tesla screwed up my information, and that it will be fixed in 24-48 hours. Nada. Nada. Nada. I'm just hoping that I don't have an emergency which required a Tesla account. By the way, the M3 is still under the prior owner's account.
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    Like i said, its kind of a pain in the ass but you will most likely get the result you want if you just go to the physical location and you stop trying to do everything over the phone or via email.

    Anyone who had Time Warner Cable (or now Spectrum) knows how useless calling is.
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    So i went to the physical location in Rockille, MD early in the process and they said ownership change has to be done through the customer support email. I was very optimistic about that trip; and very disappointed. I jumped high and low.
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    Kind of makes me wonder, if someone had the worlds greatest car, but the worlds worst service, or the worlds best service and the worlds worst car.....which would be better? (I suppose you would have to say if the costs were the same between the two)
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    if you have a bad car, service doesnt matter
    if you have a great car, you wont need service often
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    I guess my 2017 Volt falls into that "great car" far, 2 year and 27,000 miles of trouble free use and zero service bills (I can change my own oil and filter) . But I still yearn for a pure BEV and hoping the Model Y fits the bill.
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    So, everyone has different experiences with aftercare for Tesla. Up until now, my experience has been uniformly positive. I ordered Tesla floor mats from them, and I went through a bunch of BS when Fed”fucke’em”Ex lost my delivery. They just wouldn’t cooperate at all (Fed‘fuck’em”Ex, that is). Tesla just sent me a new order. No hassle or fuss whatsoever, even though it wasn’t their fault.

    I also had trouble with calibration when I first bought the car. The staff at the Raleigh, NC delivery point were absolutely awesome, and kept in touch with me continuously until the problem was solved 2 days later.

    Long story short, I have no issues with Tesla customer service at all. In fact, I can not say that I have ever had better customer service from any other car company. I mean that sincerely.

    I have not yet had an occasion to call or return my car for any service work, but if/when I do, I expect that I will receive the same great customer experience that I have had from Tesla so far.

    If not, I will let you know . . .
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    Well, luckily for all concerned, recently Musk said he’s going to grow Tesla’s brick-and-mortar footprint by introducing new service center locations to increase customer accessibility to post sales warranty support:

    I guess that it's safe to say that your voices were heard.
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