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Model X: How to turn heat on?

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I manually set the heat on my car so that I can control the intensity of the fan. Is there a "heater on" button or does the heat automatically turn on based on the temperature setting? I notice two red buttons on the temperature control panel. I know one is for the steering wheel heater but not sure what the other is?


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    Heat is automatic based on your temp setting and the temperature inside the car. You can set it to "HI" to force it on, but shouldn't be necessary. Sound like the other button is defrost or the seat heater (not sure what panel you're looking at). Manual shows you each of the controls in detail.
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    Thank you. Interestingly I did not see anything specific in the manual about how to turn heater on.
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    Try “climate control” specifically page131.
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    Simply cranked up the temp to higher than outside temp.

    Make sure AC is enabled.

    Hint: AC blows heat too
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