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Dog mode puts nothing on my screen, posse formed

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Subject says it all. Dog mode was FOR SURE on, in case you are guessing user error.



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    You're going to leave us hanging like that? What happened with the posse?
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    Dog mode is only visible from the outside of your car after you put it on and get out of your car and close the door. You wont see it from the inside. Call off the posse. LOL.
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    I used dog mode several times on my trip from Denver to Long Beach. Unfortunately it is limited to the limits of the air conditioning. I parked my car outside of Las vegas and in ten minutes the heat of the car raised ten degrees above the 68 degrees I set for dog mode, I immediately returned to the car in fear of my dog roasting. Yes it was 106 degrees outside the car, but all my windows are tinted and it should have not raised so fast. Its only a matter of time when a dog is killed by this feature. There should be an alarm on the AP that rings your phone of the temperature cannot stay within a safe range.
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    @Hammonddave, do we know what temp is safe or legal? 68 degrees is way too cold for my comfort and seems excessively cold to keep a dog safe.
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    ^^^Yeah, if my dog couldn't survive 78 degrees she would be inside all day all summer long. Oh wait, my house is set at 78 also, I guess my dog is dead.
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    The posse was dispersed when a woman came and found me just about to leave the pet store where I was buying them treats and a collar. She warned me that one had formed. When I got there I told them the car was running the AC in what's called 'dog mode' and that it's a solved problem. On the way back she said she thought one of them called the cops, I was like great. The stupid thing was you could clearly see they were fine. Oh, and it was ~90º outside, and 75º inside. Car had no problem keeping it cool.

    I will check and see if the screen changes after I leave. I thought I looked in and saw it still on the same screen maybe I didn't wait long enough. Not sure what else T can do. Maybe that's it.

    I agree that a notification to the app would be good if it start creeping up (the temp).
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    Unfortunately my dog has Car Par and is easily overheated. My point is that the temperature was rising much too fast.
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    Sorry... Meant to type "LAR PAR"
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    "Unfortunately my dog has Lar Par and is easily overheated."

    So does mine :( Luckily it's relatively minor.
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    Did you attract any positive attention for having a car that could keep a dog cool inside?
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    Lar Par - Laryngeal Paralysis
    Some common signs of voice box or larynx paralysis include:
    Noisy respiration and a high-pitched sound when breathing in (most common)
    Change in character of the bark.
    Occasional coughing.
    Reduced activity, exercise intolerance.
    Elevated rectal temperature (especially during warm weather months)
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    @TranzNDance it was weird when I got back there the dogs were just fine they looked like they were having a great time, no distress. When I said it was a solved problem, it was like I was explaining helocentrism to flat earth's. So no, I don't think anyone got it or was happy, which is sad, cause if they really were concerned about dogs, the fact that a company has made a solution should thrill them.
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