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question about settings…

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to make it quick - my Model X keeps moving the cheese every night.

My wife (who mostly drives the car) likes to have her dashboard set a certain way with the selected music and a clock. She keeps the AC on manual with the temperature at 70 degrees and the fan on level 7-8.

she drives home, parks in the garage, changes nothing and in the morning:

her dashboard has different selections, usually contacts and the energy usage info. the air may or may not be set at 70, but the fan is always dialed down to level 1.

it’s driving her crazy (and she’s taking it out on me).

we’ve worked it a bunch of different ways. submitted bug reports. checked settings over and over (like for smart preconditioning, which is off). we’ve noticed that it appears to always happen when we charge the car overnight. when it’s not plugged in, things appear more stable.

just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences.


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