Is this not a place for feedback to the delevopers?

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If you have a suggestion, an issue, or dislike a feature, is this not a place to post it? I wrote up a whole page on my dislike of some of the forced upon "safety" features, and it appears my post was deleted. Are we not allowed to request changes; especially ones we feel could be life threatening to experienced drivers who don't like their vehicle trying to take control when they suddenly find the need to make an aggressive maneuver and the vehicle decides that the maneuver in question is about to cause a wreck, so it takes corrective actions which in turn could potentially cause a wreck? I don't understand why my complaint about these features was removed. Perhaps this isn't the right place for such a post? If not, where is?


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    Not the right place. Tesla does not read these boards. Try contact them directly
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    Tesla doesn’t remove legitimate posts from these forums. If your post really disappeared, it’s because other forum users flagged it as inappropriate.
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    No this is not. Its for the users only.
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    @bsolley: remove the hyperbolic language, and fewer forum members will feel the need to flag your posts. The anti-Tesla FUD machine is always hungry for quotes about supposedly “life-threatening” complaints, so they can feed their click-bait machine.

    Even then, nobody from Tesla is guaranteed to read these posts,so it’s a bit of an echo chamber.
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    Out of curiosity, if I wanted to send some feedback to Tesla directly about the front end control unit, where and how would I send it to Tesla?

    Specifically, on the screen where you can open and close doors for the Model X from the control panel, I wish the front driver and passenger doors were towards the top of the car and the falcon wing door buttons were below. As it stands now, the front driver and passenger doors buttons are below those on the screen with the car and it's always a little confusing.
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    Let me get this right...

    You're complaining because you want to disable software SAFETY features on your car specifically designed to PROTECT you from endangering your and other motorists on the roadways lives by shielding you (and them) from your moments of bad judgement?
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    @blue adept

    Allow me to give you an example (This actually happened to me within the first 3 weeks of owning the vehicle, though the safety didn't kick in, in this case, but the example holds legitimacy). I was driving down a single lane road. The vehicle in front of me was an SUV that I could not see past. The person in front of me was texting and driving or doing something that was distracting them from the road. We were traveling at 50mph. A vehicle in front of them had stopped in order to make a left turn, and were waiting for the opportunity to make that left turn. The SUV noticed last minute and was unable to stop in time to avoid the vehicle. They swerved to the right and part way off the edge of the road to avoid the collision. It left me going 50 with about 2 seconds to impact. I immediately evaded to the right as well.

    The SUV unfortunately broke off a piece of asphalt from the road as he cleared the edge, and I hit that piece of asphalt with both of my passenger tires, bending in the inside of the rims. Both tires went flat, and I had to get towed and get the rims repaired.

    If this was a two lane road and I had a similar situation, and vehicles in the road next to me, but I could just barely make squeeze in to avoid the accident, in any other vehicle, I could make this move, and though not entirely safe for everyone on the road, would prevent an immediate collision. In the Tesla, I'd attempt to merge over and have the vehicle suddenly take control, attempting to pull me back into the lane I am in to avoid slamming into a car next to me... It's an unsafe situation no matter what direction you look at it, but I can see more of the whole picture than the computer can, and make a decision that is most appropriate for that. If I had to make such a split second decision and the car pulled control from me, even for half a second, that half a second could be the difference between a collision and evading a 50mph accident!

    I actually had a situation where I had accelerated to make a merge, and as I attempted to merge over to the next lane, the anti-collision control pulled me back into the lane I was in, when I was going 20mph faster than the vehicle in front of me (both vehicles were old folks going 45 on a 65mph freeway and I was trying to get around them). I had to slam on my brakes to avoid rear ending the guy in front of me, since the car pulled me out of my merge I had started.
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    One can easily override AutoPilot with the steering wheel or the brake pedal and accelerator. There is no pulling back. You are blaming the car for your lack of operator skills.
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    @bsolley - I'l also add that FSD is likely able to see the car in front of the car (due to radar bounce) and see the car that is invisible to you has slow/stopped and brake in plenty of time to avoid the accident. It's actually a situation AP may handle a lot better than humans, since we can't see through a large SUV in front of us. Still, AP will never be perfect, but it only has to be better than humans. For example, if a car drives into you no matter how you might turn, AP isn't likely to do any better.
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