Northern California

Wheel Bands

Has anyone placed Wheel Bands on their Tesla rims? What’s been your experience? Do you know of a place where I can get them installed? (Preferably in Marin County.) I know they say anyone can do it, but I prefer someone with experience and a steady hand.


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    I have them on my Model X. I installed them myself. I have steady hands and am a perfectionist. It took me about an hour. It gets easier with each one. I haven’t curbed a rim with them on so I don’t know how effective they are. I would not do them again because I heard they can come loose and damage your car as they whip around. My detail guy said they are very difficult to remove. I did not install them on my Model 3.
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    I have installed them on my old Model S and current Model S. Before I installed them, rim rash is very noticeable. After I installed them I have curbed rims and the rim strips did a good job. I also had one that came loose - you hear it slapping against the wheel well, and there was no damage done to the car, perhaps because I removed it quickly. Removing the old rim strip took a bit of time with a putty knife. Installation takes time to do it right, but is doable.
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