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What happened to Tesla offering car insurance? Seems like this fell off the radar.


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    can't wait for an update on this topic
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    I would guess Tesla lawyers put a stop to this as soon as they could. The liability/conflict of interest with an AP-related accident would be difficult.
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    Last word I remember hearing from Tesla about this was that they were waiting for an insurance-related acquisition to go through before rolling this out. I don’t think they stopped anything.
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    You have to keep in mind that Elon often cites ideas a bit before all the ducks are in a row to actually have it happen.
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    This is true. Although he has pulled through everytime, it does not always work out exactly as he hoped to begin with. I imagine that Tesla insurance will come at some point, but i would anticipate that its not going to be as he described, nor as you imagined.
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    On second thought, it's another gutsy, great idea. Basically he's probably saying he's confident that Teslas will be safer than other carts on the road so why let Tesla drivers subsidize the insurance pool at large? Rather let Tesla drivers same money and let Tesla keep the insurance profits. Right?
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    Im all for that. Insurance companies are not going to try to give people a good deal, rather try to get as much out of them as possible. Say FSD decreases the likelyhood of an accident. Insurance companies will give you a fraction of a discount compared to what the insurance company will actually save from a reduction of accidents. Companies dont typically pass the savings to the consumer when they save money, they pocket the savings. They are just trying to get what they can from you, thats why they constantly change your rates. Because they can.

    Insurance is insurance, yes they do operate differently, but ultimately you're paying for a certain type of coverage. You are not married to an insurance company just because thats who you have your policy with. Just like how i am not married to my Spectrum internet service, and as soon as starlink becomes available i will be dropping Spectrum faster than you can say Rectum.

    My insurance went up $150 for no reason this year. Zero accidents should reduce your rates in hindsight because im not costing my insurance company any money. But no, rates go up because.....? Its complete garbage. Nothing like a good morning rant.
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    AHA! Some GOOD NEWS for you all. I took delivery of my M3 on August 1, and had 'the conversation' with my insurance company. The car was covered and I just got the paperwork.

    Quote: 10% Electric/Hybrid vehicle discount. Your electric/hybrid vehicle(s) qualified for a 10% discount on Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Medical Payments, Comprehensive and Collision coverages. Unquote.

    I also get No Deductible coverage for Safety Glass. And premiums for Towing, Transportation Expense included with Comprehensive are the same as my 2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited (sorry - have to have an ICE for now). I'll end up paying about $45 per month more because the Tesla is a 2019 vs the 2015 Hyundai, and costs double what the Hyundai did. That's acceptable

    Before you guys assume I'm with a cut-rate company, I insure with Electric Insurance, formally General Electric Insurance (no irony there!). Not well known, but an intensely service-oriented company. If you're in the market, check them out at
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