No response from Tesla Re: Windshield replacement

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A rock hit my windshield 2 weeks ago and broke it, it happens, not tesla problem.
My insurance approved repair by safelight and I arranged appt at SC for sensor lignment afterward (since rescheduled)
My problem is that Tesla SC will not respond to safelight re: windshield for replacement despite multipe emails (the only contact option)
I have had no resonse to my multiple request thru support on my acct page.
I have heard mentioned "tesla live chat", but for the life of me, I cannot find/access it.
No link or pop up for chat is at
and no option to discuss with a human at SC on the phone pick list, just a referral to go to tesla support as above
Any words of wisdom from my fellow owners.
FWIW: I am 3 hours from closest/only colorado SC so "dropping by to discuss in person" isnt really an option
thanks in advance


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    I WAS able to get to tesla chat on the sales site
    like, immediately......
    the said, go to service on tesla acct.
    I said I did but there has been no response
    they then terminated the chat session
    the online equivalent of hanging up on me
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