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Does charging your car drain your Powerwall?

If I try to charge my Model 3 at night from the grid, will I drain the Powerwall? Is there a setting that let's you stop the battery from discharging? I'm planning to have a new 6.6 KW system installed with 2 Powerwalls, and I'd like to know my options.

Also, if I want to charge the car during daylight hours, will a 6.6 KW system be enough, or will I end up using a lot of grid power? Thanks!


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    We have 13.2 kWh solar PV system with 2-PW2's and charge two Tesla's (MS and M3) with our setup easily no problem operating our PW2's in self-powered mode. We try and charge during the day (generally 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.) so as to charge without drawing down the batteries. We have not drawn any grid electricity operating our all electric home since mid-February, and are exporting 60 percent of our solar back to grid. You should be able to charge your M3 easily with your 6.6 kWh solar system with your PW2 if you charge during to solar day. We do not charge at night, because you will be drawing down your PW2.
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