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2019.28.2 update anomolies, tricks and shortcuts

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I thought I would start a thread on the 2109.28.2 software update for anomolies, tricks etc. Being new to my X, I went to controls > Autopilot and looked for "summons" and it isnt there. It has FSD and AP, and it would be a handy feature for my tight quartered garage. Anyone have any clues on this feature to implement with this rev of software?


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    Apparently, the FSD wasnt unlocked when I took delivery of the vehicle, but someone "behind the curtain" just enabled it. Summons now shows up on the display and on the app. Simply bitchin on this forum has a bit of effectiveness.
    Now lets see how they handle the case for FS they have just closed. Its not showing in my account yet, but I have been assured by the delivery specialist its happening.
    Man behind the curtain, can you fix this also? Ill be happy to supply you the case number 09003848
    Thanking you in advance..
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    i have a 2017 Model X and the internet connection is really weak. i recently bought a 2019 Model S for my wife and noticed the internet connection is much better on the new S.
    i asked our local service about the difference and was told the older X has Invidia and the new S has intell software and both are 4G. Also, my X cannot be upgraded to Intell.

    Anyone else noticing this problem? Any solutions?
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