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Inverter Fault Codes

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Fronius IG Plus inverter failed "STATE 240" on Saturday morning. I called Tesla support but was unable to report failed inverter during the weekend (not business hours). I called Tesla Monday morning, tech support said they would escalate and call back within 72 hours! I called Fronius tech support, the excellent tech agent walked me through resetting the inverter. I called Tesla to report the inverter problem had been resolved and reset. I was told by Tesla to not use Fronius tech support because the "STATE 240" fault code (caused by an arc in the DC circuit) needs to be investigated by Tesla technicians for warranty compliance.


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    I just got that alarm yesterday and they told me to call back on Saturday (a lie since no one is picking up at support)

    How did that fault get fixed? (I tried powering things on/off with no clearing of the code)
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