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Home Usage?

The "Home Usage" section in the Tesla app not the actual home usage , Duke said we used 1720kWh and Tesla Home Usage says 1270kWh for July.

Does anyone know what the point of the Home Usage section is?


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    I replied on your other, very similar question. The point of the "Home Usage" section is to show you what your home's actual electrical usage was. It does that, fairly accurately (to within a few kWh a month). Duke, on the other hand, only knows about what goes through your meter -- in other words, demand by your home in excess of what your panels are producing at that time, or production by your panels in excess of what your home needs.
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    Tampa - pulling 1.7 MWh from Duke in a single month is surprising on any solar home in the Tampa Bay Area. How much energy are you generating?

    Our whole-house consumption averages almost 2 MWh per month. Our 13 kW solar system generates about the same amount of energy, resulting in roughly net-zero energy pulled from Duke on an annual basis. We use the Neurio monitoring system to measure both generation and consumption on a non-Tesla system.
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