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Knocking sound in Low <40 Mile speed from front and back suspension

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I bought New Tesla DEC 2017 after a month I started to notice Knocking sound from front and rear suspension. Take it Service, Service advisory said lets replace the Air struts. They replaced it, I took it back and couple weeks later start to happen again. Took it back to Service they said let us torque the suspension that should fix it. Take it back about month into start to happen again this time around they replace the B-Bar (Don't know what it is). Now I am in my year and half in new tesla with 12K mile and still having the same issue. I have schedule another appointment for next Monday but have little to "0" faith that the technician will be able to solve the problem. The drive is so bad you can hear every and feel every bump and pot hole.

So reaching out here to understand if anyone else also having the same issue and if yes, what have you done to fix it or you just gave up and just driving it. Also hope someone in tesla respond and tell if this is fundamental problem with the car or is it fixable.


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    I had a similar issue with my 2017 S, however my issue was limited to the front. Both front control arms had to be replaced.
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    Thanks for sharing fix. After replacing both front control arms did that fix the issue for you?
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    Hello Dec 17 car
    Doesn’t sound like a new car to me, so ...
    There are a multitude of bushings and sway bars tie rods all of which could be loose so you should be able to get it fixed
    A new car will be quiet like a sleeping puppy
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    Hi Evanandmarty,
    Yes when I bought the car it was 3 months old with 2000 miles on it from Tesla. They have already replaced air studs, re-tourqed the suspension and shock tower base and its been going on since I got the car last year. And the irony is the technicians there can hear the sound they know the problem but doesn't know what need to be done to fix it. This I have taken to Tesla Dublin, CA and Tesla Fremont, CA with no resolution up til now.
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