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I'm thinking about whether to upgrade to a new Model S because of the added range. I currently have a 2017 Model S and I love the car. I've learned to use the Supercharger network but the limited range of the 75D represents the only drawback. When I got my Model S, Tesla said the range was 260 miles. My experience is more like 240 or 245 max. I suspect I would find a similar deficit with the 370 mile projection. I've used my car a lot (33,000 miles already) on road trips to see my grandson and I realize a trade-in at this point makes no financial sense. But the added range is enticing. I'm sure others have made the switch and am wondering about your experience and insights. Any feedback would be deeply appreciated.


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    Your actual range is always going to depend on a variety of conditions, including driving speed, temperature, wind, and elevation. If you were getting 240-245 miles of actual range in your 75D, you were doing pretty well.
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    If your routes have Superchargers within the 200+ miles distance, I wouldn't think that upgrading makes much sense. That is, unless you want a new car with better suspension, new HW3.0, more range, etc. Does your 2017 have the 72 amp onboard charger? New ones are only 48 amps, if that's important to you as well...
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    Charging amps only matters on home charging. Has no impact on Supercharging.

    If range is that important to you, then the Raven definitely does great. My sample size is still relatively small. But as noted in another post, my prior Model S, I averaged over 320 wh/mi, my new Raven I'm at less than 285. So, in addition to the better range, it's also more efficient, hence less cost per mile for electricity. Seems like the Raven will be better at coming close to its rated range than any before it. Again, just based on my small sample size of less than 500 miles so far.
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    Supercharging speed will also be significantly better with Raven vs 75. That along with fewer stops will definitely make a difference on trips.
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    The greater range is less important than you think.
    On a truly long journey you will find, that charging to full capacity will slow you down.
    The last 20 %will take so long that it is better to charge more often.
    I found that to be true even on a 4000 mile trip without the benefit of superchargers.
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    As pointed out by others, a much larger battery will result in shorter Super Charging stops or less of them. If you are like me and are not trying to travel a very long distance in as short a period of time as possible (in which case I just fly), then the trip is half the fun. It all depends on how far you are travelling. If the new Model S could make the trip with one less Super Charging stop, and that time is a waste in your mind, then it is worth it for you. If OTOH you do not rush there anyways, then enjoy what you have now.

    I bought a late 2016 60D and upgraded it to the 75D because for me there is a trip I do at least 10 times a year which the 60D was cutting it much too close, but the 75D handles with ease. So for me the upgrade price to increase the battery (It was a upgrade of my current car) was worth the price.
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