Range Anxiety: Tesla Taunts Electric Vehicle Cynics

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I know i don't miss going to a gas station anymore

On Wednesday, Tesla (TSLA) tweeted about range anxiety. Tesla and Elon Musk frequently tease bears and electric vehicle cynics.

Tesla tweeted about range anxiety
The company retweeted a tweet from a Tesla driver, Chad Smith, who apparently drove 3,099 miles across eight states. The trip was “nearly all on autopilot.” To be sure, range anxiety could be a factor when a prospective buyer considers buying an electric vehicle. Simply put, range anxiety is an electric vehicle driver’s fear that the battery will run out before the destination. You don’t want to buy a vehicle that runs out of energy too soon with nowhere to recharge the battery.


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    What I think should have gotten more national exposure was that family from Sweden that drove a Model 3 from NY to CA in 48 hrs and 15mins. Yet again a demonstration that a Tesla can easily go long distance with no "range anxiety"
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