Inclusion of Multiple Destination on Map, allow to play video in Park Mode etc

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Excellent car but request for additions of few great helpful features

1)I have been requesting for multiple destination feature in navigation, same as map application on your phone which could help to judge the need of battery recharge and time as well.
2)Also alowing to play video while you are in "Park" mode will help to watch videos while you are waiting at charging station or anywhere.
3)One more request to allow "fireplace" to be used while driving rather than just in Park mode. It is an awesome feature and would be cool background during winter time. Also should allow to download background from web or using flash drive.
4)Need to put handrest in second row and handles on roof for convenience.
5)Should allow to download other apps like waze,songs,youtube etc.


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    Item 1 has been an open request since the first Model S was sold. When Tesla released their second generation navigation system, using open source code, Musk stated we would be getting waypoint support with the new software, now that Tesla had access to the source code. Hasn't happened yet. Waypoints are not only a convenience feature - the waypoints also have an impact on charging; by entering all of the waypoints for a trip, the navigation software knows the total distance travelled to the final destination, and can use that to better plan for charging stops.

    Video in Park is supposed to be Version 10 - though it's unclear if this will require MCU2 or also work with MCU1.

    The 3rd party App Store was shown on the same displays before Model S went into production - and was not present in the early software releases. Musk stated years ago we would see a 3rd party App Store and 3rd party programming interface - and then he said that wouldn't happen and instead we would get "screen mirroring" so you could display a smartphone app on the console display.

    And it's been years - and we still have neither while all of the other manufacturers bringing competing EVs to market already have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto...
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    Great to hear that it's many others like me and more than 5 years who are requesting this common features (nowadays) so a trend setter like Tesla definitely should work on this ASAP. Rightly said by bp that many cars on the road which have airplay, waypoint etc from almost a decade.
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