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The energy department has the WORST customer service I have ever had to deal with & this is saying a lot if you ever had to deal with AT&T. They never return calls & if you are lucky enough to actually talk to someone they tell you lies.
My solar was down for 6mo could not get a date on when it would be up again until I called 7 on your side & filed a complaint with the Better business Bureau, then I became a priority. I am now in their records as a hostile customer,
which I am not if I can just get answers & treated with a little respect. I also have a Tesla car & they have the BEST customer service I have ever had to deal with, they need to train the Energy People.


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    You were able to actually. speak to a person? That's a miracle.
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    I called Tesla Energy Customer Support at about 9:30AM PDT last Wednesday. I got right through with zero hold time. The first-line tech support person was quite knowledgeable, and she polled my Powerwalls to see what they had to say . My issue was resolved in about ten minutes.

    I've got nothing but good things to say about Tesla Customer support, and I've contacted them three times in four years. I'm in So. CA.
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    I would like to add to what @gregbrew summarized, as my experiences with Tesla Energy support have also been very good. We had our PW2's installed 14 months ago and have been thrilled by the support I have had when I had questions. I live in Edmonds, WA.
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    I do not have the powerwall just the solar panels & like I said it took 6mo for them to repair it and I believe that if I had not had 7 on your side contact them I would probably still be waiting. I live is central CA.
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    I don't have a smart phone. All I have is a desktop. There is no Tesla App for desktop users. So after 2 years of monitoring my service on MySolarCity, I now have NOTHING! One of the reps at Tesla said that it was up to Apple to provide the app, not Tesla. Right. So now I have to go and purchase a smart phone to get the Tesla App? Whose bright idea was it to cut off customers on desktops? I feel like Tesla should provide us with smart phones if that's the only way we can continue to monitor our systems. I'm not getting the service I signed up for.
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    @moran_cookie, do you have an IPAD? If you have Samsung Tablet or Apple IPAD you can download Tesla app and monitor your system there. Works great for us.
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    I just had a Powerwall 2 installed (in the UK). There was a problem with Time based control not showing after a few days waiting. After what I had heard about Tesla Energy Support (I also have a Model S and have had excellent support) I was dreading trying to contact them. I have to say that Tesla Energy support (UK) was excellent. They answered the call immediately and, despite the nice lady saying the Gateway 2 was a bit new to them, they sorted out the problem within an hour and called me back twice during that period. Problem-set to the wrong time zone during commissioning.

    It sounds like the real problem is with Tesla ex Solar City solar panel installations.
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    Thanks @mikemillar for the positive report on your recent experience with Tesla-Energy, which mirrors my own experience in Edmonds, WA. We had our 2-PW2 installation 14 months ago, and I am a very satisfied customer. I think Tesla-Energy is working hard to clear up their earlier issues with Customer Support.
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    Tesla expedited my order last December and installed 24 panels on Dec 28 2018 which was great for 2018 tax credits.Late that afternoon, I got a VM from the supervisor that the install was complete but they have to return in a couple days to replace broken roof tiles. I left for a trip the following day and assumed everything was handy dandy. The panels are on the side of my house that I do not normally see as it is right next to our community's exit only gate. 2 months later as me and my wife were just cruising in the neighborhood, my wife saw a big hole on our roof, I'd say about 3' x 5'. Apparently, they never came back to replace the tiles!! This was a Saturday and there were heavy rain forecast in our area of Nevada. I called the sales rep who then referred me to customer service where I encountered the rudest, insensitive and most condascending person in customer service. I was forced to stoop down to his level and had to cuss the hell out of him. I didn't file a complaint against this guy as I didn't think he deserved any more of my time. Karma will take care of him. They could not send their roof contractor out until the following Monday. It rained that night as forecasted and fortunately, my house is brand new and the sheeting held up. We were so stressed tho.

    So roofers came and replaced the tiles. One worker dropped a tool onto the windshield of my 3 and cracked it along with a dent in the hood. Talking about Tesla mishaps!
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    My AP is stuck on Tesla Power wall and I cannot get it to swipe to the car screen. Anyone else had this issue.
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