Rental car company gave me an SUV

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I am planning on going on vacation and decided to rent a car since I didnt want to put miles on my car. Also the last 2 times I rented one, I hit racoons, so I will probably hit a moose or deer next. If I wreck the Tesla, then I would have to wait for repairs. With a rental,you just get amother one.
My relatives also didnt want me taking the Tesla. They were afraid of the same thing and also range anxiety. But I told them I had it all planned out. But the thing that really freaked them out, and I never considered was that the car doesnt have a spare. I am going to be in remote areas in states that dont sell Teslas. If I get a sidewall flat and damage the rim, Im kind of screwed.

So I figured its easier to rent a car. I reserved a small one since I wanted to get good mileage and didnt need sonething big. It said something like Honda Accord or Mazda 3 sized when I rented. Went to pick it up and they had 2 cars in front. One was a tiny Ford Fiesta or Chevy Spark. The other was a AWD Nissan Rouge. I said I thought I was getting a Mazda when they gave me the SUV and they said Sorry put we are out and upgraded you. I reserved the car a month ago and I hate gas guzzling trucks since I am driving 4000 miles. They said they get good mileage. Yeah right. Then they said they could give me the Ford or Chevy instead. Didnt feel safe in something so tiny and cheap on a long trip.

Drove the SUV home and it sucks. It has 45k miles on it which is a lot for a rental. The brakes feel like an old U haul van and the steering feels so loose as compared to the Tesla. The ride feels bouncy like a 1960s pickup. Have never owned an SUV but I dont know if I could handle drving it for 1000 miles each day. My old car with almost 200000 miles that the Tesla replaced handled better.

Guess I got spoiled with the Tesla. Am thinking about going to another rental location along the way and seeing if I can switch to a car instead. I mentioned in another thread that I wpuld try a Mt Washinton climb to see if I thought a Tesla could do it on autopilot. But even with AWD and a truck, I am afraid the bad brakes and poor steering coming down would lead to my demise.


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    Seek help.
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    Yes, your Tesla has spoiled you and should be driven on all vacations.
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    sounds like you have alot of problems
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    Very unfortunate.
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    I know. First world problems. I hadnt driven an SUV in years and thought thet would handle slightly better by now. Will need to test drive a model X for a comparison.
    And the suv has California license plates. Thought everyone there would be driving smaller cars since gas costs more there. At least I can drive on the beaches up North with AWD after Labor Day. .
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    "I hadnt driven an SUV in years and thought thet would handle slightly better by now."

    The first mistake you made was thinking companies automatically get better!
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    I took a trip to the arctic Ocean, far more challenging then your venture, I choose to take the best car in the family, the Model S 75 D.It handled fording creeks, 1400 Ks of unpaved roads better than anything I had ever driven, I had served in tanks in my younger years. Go adventuring with the best.
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    Hello. I really love the Tesla company, and even more strongly I want to buy and travel on a Tesla Model X SUV. I could never afford such a car, but this company helped me here car rental.
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