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Sentry Mode ghost recordings

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Tesla S100D Dec 2018 2019.28.3.1
The car is parked in the garage overnight
Sentry Mode is off in fact all Vehicle options are set to off and all the security options are set to off ( this my expected lowest power situation)
Auto fob entry is off and the car is left unlocked in the garage ( it would need locking in an airport garage )
The car since sentry mode was added or enhanced has its overnight loss increased form 3 miles to 6 to 8 miles ( with all the security options set to on it is 10 to 12 miles).
Now when viewing the sentry mode video on the USB with all of the above options off there are several overnight recordings of the inside of the garage.
No one was in the garage during the night and moreover Sentry mode is presumably off so it should not be recording.

A selection feature for overnight or long term parking at Airports that forces minimum power consumption is needed. Having to turn of every feature one by one is moronic.

I no longer have the confidence to leave the Tesla at the airport since sentry mode at least for my car never seems to fully shut off.
Sure maybe the battery is saved at 20% to allow for driving to the nearest Super Charger but all Sentry mode ever does for me at least is generate false positives.
I have emailed Tesla and called and left messages at the Tampa SC it has been 2 weeks but maybe it takes a month for them to respond.


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    All your posts seem fraught and bilious lately. You are allowed to move on.
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    Time to contact one of the various ghost sighting TV shows - could make a mint off it!
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    Schedule an EVP session:
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    Bighorn and TeslaTap
    Guys I guess you can't offer solutions so you would rather shoot the messenger.
    I want Tesla to improve perhaps you don't.
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    @doug - I could be wrong, but I thought you've posted variations in other threads multiple times. It gets old and makes it look more like FUD, although I actually believe you. Not sure what you expect forum members to do - we don't have access to the software to change the way your car works.
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    @doug: Did you actually try to schedule a service appointment? Not sure what other option you have.

    Regarding the ghost recordings, how long are they and are they in the SavedClips folder? If they’re in RecentClips it’s the dashcam, not Sentry Mode. If you’re not using Sentry Mode, remove the USB so the car can’t record anything.
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    Well Bighorn and others get to post as many sarcastic and disparaging remarks as they wish. but escape Tesla Tap complaints.
    I have posted several times on this subject ( sorry f it offends some).
    I experienced a triple loss of overnight mileage 3 miles to 10 miles coincident with a sentry mode update.
    . At the time there were headlights flashing and noises and you could not walk around the car with sentry mode off without it flashing the lights. Other owners experience the same thing and 2019.3.1 has fixed it.
    The mileage loss improved and dropped to 8 miles overnight.
    I got a mobile service visit and they could not resolve the issue and he said maybe the next release ( later to be3.1). might fix it since there were other reports. 3.1 was only a partial fix.
    With the help of knowledgeable owners I tried several suggestions and posted the results.
    EVRider's expertise got the loss down to 6-8 miles.

    The variation between nights still puzzled me.
    Today I decided to review overnight footage from the dash cam and the sentry mode. Most clips are in the recent clips and a smaller number (1/4) in the saved clips folder. I suspect the larger overnight loss occurs with more clips that night but have yet to prove it.
    This is difficult to trouble shoot since it only happens in the middle of the night.
    I even suspected thunder storms at night for the variation.
    I suspect the tight clearance in my garage ( 18 to 24 inches) might be in the loop and I am now trying to see whether dash cam or sentry mode is the major power waster (anther EVRider productive suggestion).
    Tonight the usb will be disconnected and we'll see if that was the power waster.
    Tomorrow night I will try the usb active but the dash cam disabled. If I can narrow it down I'm hoping maybe a wise owner (EVRider) or maybe Tesla will have enough info to offer the solution.
    I am hoping for an easier solution if not then I will armed with more info I will drive 2 hours to Tampa SC and get in their face.
    I strongly feel the apologists for Tesla ( like on this Tesla board) are creating a false sense of all is well with Tesla that could with time do great damage to Tesla.
    A company is only as good as the service it provides its most challenging client.
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    Sarcasm is my middle name. You hadn't tried pulling the USB before all this drama?
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    . . . . That word . . . .
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    regoapps had suggested(in another thread) that his apple watch complication keeps querying the car to update--do you use that app, and if so, do you have the complication on a smartwatch? If so, it may be interesting to see if there's a change in battery drain with the complication disabled. Just a thought.
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    @eddyline: I’m the one who reported the complication issue to regoapps, and ruled it out in this case in one of doug’s other threads. I’ve stopped using the complication on my watch. I’m glad that the word is getting around.
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    With usb disconnected the mileage loss overnight was 7 miles ( no change from the variable 6 to 8 miles loss). The usb port is a slave so it wasn't expected to draw much power except if the CPU stays active and falsely reports dash cam and/or sentry mode events.
    Anyway the loss issue remains unaddressed and I am suspecting either a software error or it is an ambient temperature with the traction battery.
    I have FSD on back order and will wait for the new CPU or a future Tesla software update (ex 28.3.1. was a partial solution)
    If the issue is not resolved before winter I'll test the loss with cooler night time temperatures.
    This forum
    Again the fan boys are hurting Tesla. They act as cheerleaders when Tesla needs side line advice from coaches.
    Abusing owners who have legitimate issues makes this Tesla supported board which should be an oasis of constructive criticism into a forum where fan boys that presume they own the forum can continue to trash talk concerned owners.
    If the fan boys remain unopposed then this Tesla board will become less and less relevant to the vast majority of mature owners
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    I have a long and storied past of trouble shooting Tesla issues here, but when I see untreated medical conditions, my doctoring bent comes to the fore. Anxiety and depression is no laughing matter. I hope you get help. Regarding your phantom losses, this too shall pass. Many of us derive great joy in the interactions here and gratification from helping owners in distress; however, a consistent drumbeat of angst and foreboding is a real buzz kill.
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    Well, diagnosing depression via this board is a huge stretch and your conclusion is false I'm not depressed however I see how you might think a weaker person than myself could become depressed if they were to take you seriously.
    You possibly have self validated yourself as helpful in the past but what about the present?
    Do you still judge all your present remarks as helpful?
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