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"Other than Create Forum topic, an option to reply to Tesla forum comments never appears. I've contacted support several times for the past several months but my issue has never been resolved! Has anyone had similar experiences or have any advice?

Thank you very much!
Kor Kiley
Model 3 LR AWD since June

lilbean | August 30, 2019
There is no reply option. There is only one box at the bottom of the thread to post a comment.

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Thank you for your reply lilbean. I don't have a box anywhere to post a comment, so I'm having to resort to creating a new forum topic. My message and the bottom of the thread appears close to the above. I copied and pasted.


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    You're welcome.
    Hmm. That's strange. Are you on an old computer?
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    Whichever way you are browsing make sure you scroll the page up. Maybe the reply box is just not showing on your device?
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    PrescottRichard, are you in Prescott, AZ? There's a meet up on the south side of the courthouse on Saturday at 9 am . I'll be there!
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