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No Roadster batteries

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I have a 2010 Roadster that needs a new battery but the worst part isn't that it's $19,000. the problem is after waiting for 3 months to get it, they now tell me it will be 5 more months. I own the Roadster, Model S, Model X, waiting for my new Roadster and buying my son a Model 3 very soon.
Not sure I'm going to go through with the new Roadster and Model 3 now. How can they run out of batteries for 9 months?


  • I am now waiting 1.5 years and still no news if they ever will supply a replacement pack. The price they quoted me is 35.000 euro.
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    They had quoted me a lot more. I told them that I remember seeing a special price promotion a while ago so they got back and told me they could do it for about $19,000 I guess it doesn't matter what they tell me if they don't have it.
    I was just ready to order my son a Model 3 but I'm going to have to rethink that now.
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    Interesting that they are trying to remake the roadster battery as the 3.0 was far from successful. There was meant to be an announcement in a few months, but that was before the taycan release. I don't know why it would stop you from going through with a model 3 purchase though. The batteries have been in short supply for a long time. What number roadster did you buy out of interest.
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    My new Roadster # is RN109066448 I ordered it the first day. Actually, I first ordered the Founders series but switched to the regular one after about 2 weeks. I'm not happy that Tesla doesn't support the original Roadster. It obviously wasn't cheap and not sure if they'll ever have a battery. Short supply is being generous as one person already said they've waited 1 1/2 years so far. Mines been in service since May and they're already telling me January or February. I'll be very happy if they can fix it within a year. They can't even make it show up online in my account.
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    i Have upgraded my Tesla Roadster battery for $35,000 and has been having problems charging and getting overheated after 160 miles of driving. Its been under repair 2 times, firtst earlier this for 6 months and for a month recently. I am still getting the warming sign after 160 miles, "battery hot power reduced". They did gave me loaner Model X while they were repaing my Roadster.
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    I've waited 10 months now for my battery and they still have no idea when I'll get it. good news is they offered to buy it back from me, for a fraction of what I paid them. What a scam.
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    Is this how Tesla is treating the earliest adopters?

    Holy crap.

    Better find an option for my MS 85....
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    I have waited for over 2 years for mine. The worst is that I had some of the batteries replaced a year before the battery failed after 2 years, those "new" batters have probably already deteriorated. What a rip off!

    Tesla should know better than to abandon the early adopters and the most iconic EV ever built.

    Most car companies grow their fan base over the years by putting emphasis on their legacy and help keep their iconic models alive. Unfortunately, Tesla has not put in any effort in support those of us who want to help maintaining the Roadster legacy. What a shame!
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    My Roadster has been at Tesla for a year now waiting for a battery and they just told me it could be another year or more. How can they sell me a car that they can't fix? I have 3 other Teslas and it just keeps getting worse.
  • I'm surprised a third party hasn't come up with a battery replacement service. It may be the cells are long out of production and they may have to find someone to make new cells to the original specifications.

    Once you change to a different cell, then the software has to be reengineered for proper discharge and charging. This would be a lot of testing/engineering for a very small number of sales. Hopefully, Tesla can get it done.
  • @TT,
    Unfortunately? So many of our original batteries are doing just fine. There probably isn't much market for new Roadster batteries yet.
  • @Earl and Nagin - Agreed. It seems only 1 or 2 owners a month want a battery replacement, and it's not clear if it is just to get more range or a battery problem. Clearly not enough demand today to interest a 3rd party, but maybe if the volume goes up, there could a third party that will offer a repair/replacement service.
  • in Phoenix is a third party supplier offering Tesla battery service and rebuilds.
  • Interesting read above.
    Point to consider: not one roadster listed for sale on Autotrader.
    eBay Motors has one listing; a 2010 for $129,000, which is over the original “sticker price.”

    Or did I fail to properly search for a used Tesla Roadster?
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