Model S

Autopilot anomoly

So on my second extended trip I ran into this issue. Dallas to San Antonio for Labor Day weekend. Nice early morning departure, clear cool weather. Stop at Starbucks then to San Marcos SuperCharger. On the way down, AP kept turning out. Some message about Inclimate weather - AutoPilot not available. ??? My initial thought was "The Hurricane is 2,500 miles away, clear and sunny here, what?" Same issue to San Antonio. Oh, well. As I exited the car in San Antonio, I noticed a massive bird turd right in the middle of the windshield cameras. Stuff (Grackles) happens. Problem was easily solved by cleaning the window. I was way overthinking for hours. LOL



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    LOL. Had something like that happen to me. Autopilot refused to go on saying that there was a problem with the radar. When I stopped I noticed that s plastic bag had blown up and gotten stuck against the bumper over the radar.
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    Interesting observations. Before paniking, get out and look around at your car. Thanks for posting these experiences.
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    Thanks for posting. Reading this post has probably saved some head scratching for me.
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