China Did for Tesla What Trump Didn’t

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Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk visited China last week to attend the World Artificial Intelligence Conference. He also visited Tesla’s Gigafactory in the country and was very impressed with the progress there. As reported by CNN, he said that the team in China had done a “mind-blowing” job. He added, “I’ve never seen anything built so fast in my life before, to be totally frank. And I’ve seen some crazy things … I really think China is the future.”

Tesla’s impressive progress on the Gigafactory
Tesla’s Chinese Gigafactory has gone from groundbreaking to trial assemblies in a matter of just eight months. The construction work at the factory started in January this year. Within just three days of applying, on August 19, Tesla received a comprehensive acceptance certificate from the Chinese governmen


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    Even the Chinese can see how important Elon is to the future. Only in the US there are people who want him to fail.
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    Good to see more than just Elon actually caring about something other than money.
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    With all the BS Tesla gets here in the USA, I'm happy to see them catch a well-deserved break from China. The growth and profits there will help fight the battle here in their own backyard.
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