WHat is this "soft reboot" and "hard reboot" I read about?

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What and when and why and how would I need to reboot my S75D?

Maybe now it is needed as there are some digits missing on the range indicator. On the small screen it shows 125 miles remaining. But when bring up "energy" on the large screed, it might show 12_ or _2_ or __5 on the right side. Like it is trying to agree with the small screed 125 miles, but missing a couple digits.

So, just to learn and try: Please advise the whole reboot concept to me.

Thanks in advance all you experts


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    A soft reboot is just holding in both scroll wheels until the touchscreen turns off. A hard reboot is allegedly doing the same thing but pressing and holding the brake pedal until the Tesla logo appears on the touchscreen. Another variation of a “reboot” is to power off the car from the touchscreen and leave it off for a few minutes (you have to stay in the car).

    When: anytime you have a problem, and many of us recommend doing a soft reboot after installing a software update.
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    @CooHead - A rare issue, but a missing character like what you're seeing has always been solved with a reboot. Give it a try. A soft reboot can even be done while driving. It only affects the screen, HVAC and you may lose sound for a short period. Does not affect actual driving.
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    I've had that missing character issue. A reboot did solve it.
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    Will give it a try.
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    Model S and Model X can also reboot the small screen by holding the steering wheel buttons above the scroll wheels. This can also be performed while driving. A while back, my object-aware cruse control and autopilot were unavailable—this reboot cleared that issue.
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    @Dan: In my 2018 Model S, a normal scroll wheel reboot restarts both the touchscreen and instrument panel display. In my 2016 S, you had to reboot them separately. I haven’t tried rebooting just the instrument display in the newer car because there hasn’t been a need to.
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