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Powerwall price increase

I reserved a Powerwall 2 over two and a half years ago. The price of the Powerwall was $5500 and the Gateway was $700. Installation just recently became available in South Carolina so I contacted a certified installer. I was surprised to find out that the price of the Powerwall 2 had increased to $6700 and the Gateway to $1100. Since I want to install 2 powerwalls, this increases the price by $2800. I expected Tesla to honor the price at the time of the reservation. However, when I called I was told this was not the case. Has anyone else had this situation? It seems this is similar to getting a rain check on an item that is not available. When the item becomes available you do not pay a different price.


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    We paid $15.5k for our 2 PW2’s installed last June 2018. I waited almost 3 years for that installation, and am exceptionally satisfied with the product, and the price. I never expected to pay the price you are quoting.
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    Placed an order for 3 PW2s back in Jan and was finally contacted by Tesla last week. Apparently product availability is rapidly improving and more regional dealers are being authorized and certified to handle installation and support. Very good news!

    They referred us to a local dealer for our final design and proposal. The dealer was sharp and anxious to deliver their proposal, no product availability issues. Was told that if we move forward we will cancel our Tesla online order and do business with the dealer instead.

    Will be interesting to see if the proposal matches the price we agreed to on the original order ($21K). Will see what happens and report back.
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