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Curious App Behavior

I recently had a 9kw system installed with a powerwall. I am still awaiting the final inspection and approval before I am able to turn on the system. I loaded up the Tesla app and noticed something curious. Under power flow I see between ~8kw and 0kw flowing out to the grid. This is despite the system being completely switched off at the main electrical panel and the inverter switched to off. The house and battery power flows read constant 0kw as expected.

Any idea what this might be? Anyone else experience this as well?

(As far as I know there isn’t anything wrong here... just curious)


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    even though the bulk of the system is powered off, the Gateway probably still has power, and that is what transmits the data to the app
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    Thanks chrisbailey13 for that idea. You are probably right on the data part of it. My question though is more about why it would be reporting any solar wattage to the grid. Shouldn't it also read zero if the inverter is off?
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    The TEG might be getting erroneous readings from the Current Transformers (CT). Do you know if they're well-spaced from any conductors other than the one they are trying to measure?
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    I wouldn't know how to answer that one gregbrew...
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