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Existing Solarcity Customer to take Tesla Subscription Fix Pricing Model?

I am an existing Solarcity customer and now turned into Tesla because of the take over.
I noticed that Tesla had updated their pricing subscription model to a fixed amount ($65/month in California).
However the pricing on my bill is still from the Solarcity model leasing their panels, paying the amount that the sun is generating on the panels I have per day.
Would I be able to call Tesla and ask them to change to the updated pricing models from

Also in their FAQ it says that the lease can be canceled anytime without charge, however Solarcity had a 20 year commitment contract. Does Tesla overtake this contract because of the takeover?


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    You're asking a bunch of other customers if you can change your contract with Tesla? Seems like the parties you should be asking is Tesla and/or your lawyer.
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