Northern California

Powerwall SGIP Rebate


I purchased two Powerwalls that were installed in December of 2017, I am still waiting for my SGIP rebate.

I called last week and I was told that it's lottery based and I have not been selected yet.

However, the salesperson who sold me the powerwalls said it's not lottery based.

Is anyone else waiting for their SGIP rebate for over two years?

Tesla has not yet given me an SGIP application number to check online.

I feel that I may have been cheated by the sales rep of Tesla.

Thank you.


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    who filled out your SGIP paperwork?
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    SGIP funds ran out last year (or perhaps 2018). In the last month, some additional funds were allocated, so if your application was in, perhaps it will now be processed. Then again, with COVID, it's unclear if SGIP is being processed by the utility company even if it has the funds.
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