Camera images flickering and lights strobing

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I recently got my model 3 here in Australia Yay!
When using the reverse camera at night and viewing the dash cam recordings any artificial light is causing the image to flicker.
I'm assuming this is because it's setup for Americas voltage frequency being 60hz and not our 50hz here in Aus.

I couldn't find any settings available to change this.
Not a big deal but could this affect the safety features of autopilot?

Hopefully there is an update that can fix this.


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    Why would your voltage frequency make a difference?
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    Oddly, the cameras are set for 36 fps worldwide. Not sure why, but perhaps less video to process at that frame rate. I've not noticed any flickering when looking at 60 Hz LED street lighting in the rearview camera, but perhaps the 50 Hz causes more strangeness.

    It may also have to do with the quality of the streetlight and how much they flicker at the line frequency. Most LED streetlights use blue LEDs with white phosphor so you don't get a lot of flicker effects. I expect there are other types of lights that do show the flicker. For example, florescent lights. Do you know the type of street lighting where you see the flicker?

    I don't remember hearing anyone in Europe having the same issue, as they also have 50 Hz, but perhaps all cars do it?
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    Lights are not continuously on as our eyes see it. Instead they turn on and off at a certain frequency. Certain countries use different frequencies. All of of North America and north of South America use a 60hz frequency, while in Europe, Africa and Asia, Australia it’s 50Hz. This is directly related to the AC current of the particular country.
    Video can pick up this flicker when your camera frame rate is out of sync with this frequency.

    Most of our street light are not LED yet besides out stop go lights. Also happens while backing into my garage that has LED batten lights. Would it help if I upload a video of it?
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    Most led lights are really strobing on and off faster than your eye can see. The camera is taking still shots at a frame rate as someone stated 36 FPS. Just like when you see an airplane prop on tv is goes forward, then backward as the rpm changes, the snap shot 1/30 of second has the prop in a different position. Sometimes it’s behind the last position so it looks like it’s going backwards. It’s a visual strobe. Same applies to led. On the exact moment the Tesla camera took a shot, the led might have been off. Slow the stream down to something the human eye can detect aka 36fps, and it looks like a flashing light.
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    @a_scud: I understand that your AC voltage frequency might be different from what we have in the US, but why would anything displayed on the car’s touchscreen be dependent on your AC voltage?
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    Never noticed camera flickering, but when backing up I have noticed certain light sources will definitely flicker in the backup camera. This is most common with Fluorescent light sources. LED lights don't seem to produce the same result.
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    Hi, I also experience flickering when our 2019 Tesla Model 3 backup camera captures artificial lights (internal parking for example) or even lights from other cars. This never happens with my volvo. So, can this be fixed?
    Has Tesal replied to this problem?

    Many thanks
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    @carollac: The flickering is normal for certain light sources, as the previous comment suggests. Why does this need to be fixed? It doesn't interfere with the use of the backup camera.
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    @carollac - One fix would be to use a low frame rate and perhaps reduced resolution. I'd rather have a high-quality video rather than downgrading to the low-resolution small screen common of other vehicles like Volvo. The small screen on the Volvo may also help to hide some flickering. Then again it depends a lot on the flicker rate of the light source too. I've not noticed an issue, with LED garage lights and fairly new LED streetlights in Northern California.
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    It's possible that the images could be post-processed to reduce flicker. The same effect can be observed when looking at cars with LED headlights on the highway (with the rear camera). But it's harmless beyond distracting so personally I'd rather Tesla spends its time elsewhere.
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    This is an artifact between the camera shutter and the flicker rate of LEDs. Running LEDs, because they are dimmer than brake light LEDs, are usually pulsed full on, full off at a particular frequency, and on-off duration. It makes them appear dimmer. Brake light LEDs are usually constantly on, which shows no pulsing.
    This is particularly bothersome when shooting commercials, and gets fixed in post production.
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